Caring about the community, Caroline Collett.


The Shed is very much a community and, for many of us, that’s a really important aspect of the whole thing.

I love the summer and winter shows in Lyme Regis, for example and discovering new talent there, such as artist and ceramicist Odile Moreno, whose work is all over my house and my friends’ houses too, now that I’ve got into the dangerous new habit of commissioning. Ceramics Anonymous, here I come!

And so, in the spirit of community, I shall finish my much-appreciated ‘Artist of the Week’ slot by highlighting the work of four other Shedders, whose work is particularly catching my eye right now.

Lois Wakeman

I have one of Lois’s images in my living room and I can’t think of a greater compliment than to want to live with someone’s work day in and day out!

Her subject matter is often similar to that of many of us living and working on the Jurassic coast – the sun, sea and beach, coastal buildings or found objects. But whilst many seek simply to capture nature at its best, Lois’s own eye meets the world head-on. She seems able to clear away all the visual clutter and the noise and really hone in, with great simplicity and compositional skill, on a single element or colour.

Roller Coaster’ encapsulates this ability perfectly:

Roller Coaster by Lois Wakeman

Roller Coaster by Lois Wakeman


Tim Starkey

A new-ish arrival to The Shed (I think), who has only posted a small number of images – but they’re all absolutely great: strong silhouettes, vibrant colour and original composition. This image is my favourite because it’s so cinematic – ‘Misty Forest‘.

Misty Forest by Tim Starkey

Misty Forest by Tim Starkey


Beatriz Chamussy

I’m not usually particularly drawn to travel photography, but Beatriz’s images of India and Morocco are just delightful. She obviously has a major love affair with colour and her shots also have a very sophisticated, photo-journalist’s sense of composition and human drama. There’s a really fresh sense of fun and humour at play here too – ‘Door and bicycle in Varanasi.

Door and bicycle in Varanasi by Beatriz Chamussy

Door and bicycle in Varanasi by Beatriz Chamussy


Paul Taylor

Paul’s work for me is the work of an artist using photography as a preferred medium. There’s a strong pull towards the abstract, a brilliant sense of colour and a love of things that aren’t quite right or are perhaps about to unravel.

Of the four photographers I’ve chosen here, I definitely see an overlap of the kind of subject matter or mood I’m attracted to myself in Paul’s photography.

I could easily live with several of his shots – Pink Star Seaweed, for example, or Caravan in Lichen or the wonderful Cocteau Tadpoles – but especially this beauty, ‘Toxic.

Toxic by Paul Taylor

Toxic by Paul Taylor




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