Michelle Williams: Inspirations.

Gateway to the Moors II North York Moors by Joe Cornish

Gateway to the Moors II North York Moors by Joe Cornish


I have many photography hero’s but to name only a few, I love the work of Joe Cornish, known for his large format and wide angles, the way he works with light is intrinsic, and I think he has made a real difference to the way Landscape Photography is seen and perceived in this generation.

I also love the work of Elliott Erwitt, the humour in his work is like no other, but it still retains a sense of honesty and integrity and Dorethea Lange is another favourite.


Don McCullin is amongst the ultimate masters in the field of Documentary photography. I find inspiration from his famous quote:

“Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.”

CYPRUS by Dom McCullin

CYPRUS by Dom McCullin

When I first read this quote, I felt it expressed perfectly what photography is about – feeling, engaging, emotive, a ‘sense of place’ and his words continue to inspire me, and without a doubt many other photographers too.

SOLDIERS by Dom McCullin

SOLDIERS by Dom McCullin

My number one inspiration however is the work of Steve McCurry, something just lights up in me when I look at his work, if I could produce just one piece of work as compelling as his images I would be a happy lady!  His use of colour, composition, and connection between photographer and subject is simply awesome.

I am currently in the process of updating my gear, and will be working towards a distinction with the RPS this year.  I normally shoot in a classic/purist style but recently have been working in a more impressionistic way, using textures and layers, this style can be seen in my woodland images. I am also finding new avenues to showcase, sell and promote my work and currently in talks with a local gallery regarding a possible exhibition.

Going forward I endeavour to continue learning and progressing, aquiring skills and experience in all genre’s of photography, particularly in Landscape and Documentary, those genres being my main passion.  My long term goal, health permitting, is to take some extended period of time again to travel, and I have plenty of ideas of where I would like to go, what I would like to photograph/document and how I would like the work to look, and the impact that I hope it will have.  But I’ll leave that a secret at the moment….you cant give everything away, so watch this space!

Happy snapping fellow photographers, and for all those that simply enjoy photography, art, or have a love of the landscape, I hope you always continue to have this love. To support our planet in even a small way can make a huge difference both today and for future generations to enjoy.

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