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Paul Darby


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  • Posted on Mon 30th January 2017 by Chelsea Davine

    Hi again Paul don't forget only 15 scroll through each portfolio. you can have as many portfolios as you would like!
  • Posted on Sat 14th January 2017 by Chelsea Davine

    Hi Paul, don't forget to go into each image and tag it so it appears in the correct category in the main gallery.

Since his childhood, Paul has been fascinated by his surroundings: the built and landscaped environments of his native London; of the West Country; of the places in between, Liverpool and southern France.

Combining a passion for architecture and an ongoing love-affair with the photographic image, Paul's photography explores place, mood and season; the narrative light brings to a space; humanity's hand upon nature's canvas.  Places from which human presence or acitivty is never actual but often implicit.



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