Final Info for the Shed Summer Exhibition.

Thank you to all those taking part in the show we are sure it will be a huge success! There are just a few more i’s to dot and t’s to cross. It is very important that you do the following (if you have not done so already):

  • Verify all payments have been made for the show
  • If print work is being done for you that those payments have been made and you have emailed to tell us.

Once you have confirmed print work with Ben then please send Chelsea, ONE email detailing ALL the pieces you are delivering on Thursday 13th September.


Email Chelsea:

Please note: We will deliver all print work to the exhibition on your behalf.

Price tags MUST be included for all artwork to be shown including work printed by us.

Remember all work needs to be collected at 4pm on Sunday 16th September unless you would like to be invoiced for us to arrange delivery.  This can be quoted when we know what stock remains at the end of the exhibition.

Waste Deep by Catherine Gillingham

Waste Deep by Catherine Gillingham

This year we are working very closely with Bridport Open Studios and Catherine Gillingham’s image ‘Waste Deep’ has been chosen for the catalogue! Well done Catherine 10,000 copies will be distributed in the local area!

If you are on social media please follow them and the artists in the Bridport area on twitter or facebook. Please share their content and tag yourselves and us saying you are exhibiting and what work you are showing.

The greater spirit of community we create the better for all of us.

Only 2 places left for the Shed Summer exhibition!

Thank you for your applications for the upcoming Shed exhibition at the Salthouse in West Bay 14th – 16th September.

You can link to the original blog here

Incredible Lightness of Being by Sarah Broome

Incredible Lightness of Being by Sarah Broome

We still have two places left so if you were thinking of applying then you have until the end of this week (Friday 20th July) to do so. We will be opening up the final places to the public so for those of you who have yet to decide please could you do so as soon as possible.

Chelsea is now finalising images with those of you who will be featuring at the Exhibition and the final date to confirm any print requirements will be Wednesday 25th July.

Abstract Nature - Blue Fern by Catherine Gillingham

Abstract Nature – Blue Fern by Catherine Gillingham

The dates of the exhibition coincide with Bridport Open Studios which is a hugely vibrant, creative area of West Dorset. We will be featured as a venue on their trail and in their catalogue with over 10,000 copies distributed.

Paris paper 2 by Pete Hackett

Paris paper 2 by Pete Hackett

This is going to be a wonderful opportunity to exhibit and sell your work, we’re looking forward to showing off your talents to the world!

The Shed Summer Exhibition 2018 details…

Once again we are planning our annual group Shed Exhibitors exhibition from 14th to the 16th of September at the Salthouse, West Bay, Dorset.

Beer Dawn by Paul Newman

Beer Dawn by Paul Newman

It is a great opportunity to showcase your work to the public, get feedback, make sales and see your work on the wall and not just on a screen.

As always, Chelsea will curate with you your selection and 90% of the sale price will go to you, the artist .The remaining 10% covers card transactions and wrapping materials. Chelsea will then run the exhibition on your behalf talking about and taking further orders for your work and/or commissions and so on.

Yellow Dream by Emma Burton

Yellow Dream by Emma Burton

There are two ways to participate:

For £60 you will have 2 images hanging plus 2 images in stock (to replace if one sells and can be different or the same image/size) and 2 on the hanging shelves


4 images hanging for £90 plus 4 images in stock and 4 on shelves (again, to replace if one sells and can be different or the same image/size)

We want to encourage you to exhibit your work as this is the best way to direct traffic to your profile and make follow up sales online. Those who do create greater interest in their work and make more sales. This year you can exhibit either aluminium prints, framed prints or original artwork or a selection. Chelsea will help you choose to create the most cohesive exhibition possible, however it will be your final decision.

Branches and Tree Trunks by Sarah Broome

Branches and Tree Trunks by Sarah Broome

If you provide the work it will need to be delivered on Thursday the 13th September to the exhibition venue at the Salthouse in West Bay. If you would like us to print your work for you then we will take the work from our printers for you. All images be they originals or photographs MUST be on your profile for us to print. Please contact us with your requirements should you wish to print new work.

Places are limited so if this is something you would like to take part in then please let us know as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you by emailing Chelsea directly at

Have a lovely summer!

Chelsea and Ben.

Show your artwork in context.

There is no substitute to showing your photography or prints of your artwork hanging on a wall. Here are some examples of how the image can transform from a simple digital image to a piece of artwork.

Rob Nolan’s Pier Tranquility on display in his office.

Pier Tranquility by Rob Nolan

Pier Tranquility by Rob Nolan



Order some samples especially in large format and place them in and around your home, office or offer them to local cafes or bars. We specialise in printing your images in large format and mounting them onto beautiful aluminium, ready to send to your client.

Our Large Format PrintersStart a conversation on social media about where you could/should hang a the artwork. Give people ideas and then a direct link back to the gallery so that with a couple of clicks the buying public can buy an aspirational piece for themselves. This piece is by Chelsea Davine and titled Pale Meridian.

Pale Meridian by Chelsea Davine

Pale Meridian by Chelsea Davine

Happy New Year from the Shed!

The New Year has started as we left off with wonderful new work arriving in the gallery every day and clients buying beautiful artwork. Congratulations to Ian Holloway and Shaun Jacobs who have already made sales this year!!

Tracks by Ian Holloway

Tracks by Ian Holloway

Now is the time of year to refresh and double check some important details in your portfolios. Please take some time making sure of the following:

Every image you upload MUST be individually tagged and titled. This way the image will appear in the correct category in the gallery.

Make sure each image has a unique title. If you have multiple images within a similar portfolio with the same title its very hard for us to refer a potential client to one particular image if there are 5 or 6 images that vary slightly with the same title.

Keep your portfolios short and sweet with a maximum of 15 per portfolio. Feedback from potential clients is they get lost scrolling through too many images so it is better to divide in multiple portfolios rather than have too many in one.

Please make sure we follow you on social media and you us. Sometimes if your avatar is nothing like your name it is difficult to know we are following the right person!

Every time you upload an image to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or tell people your news of prizes, sales, exhibitions, trips and so on. Make sure you’ve uploaded the relevant images to your gallery page first. Then simply copy/paste the URL at the top of the image and attach to your tweet etc this way if someone falls in love with the image they can click through and buy it!

Durdle Door Sunburst by Shaun Jacobs

Durdle Door Sunburst by Shaun Jacobs

Most importantly tell us what you are up to, we are here to help you sell your work and the more personal we can make it the more it connects with the buying public.

Don’t be shy to tell people to buy your work, you’ll be surprised how many people post photography and artwork without giving a simple, easy way for it to be bought!

If you haven’t read them already read our Golden Rules for Selling article.