>Looking out, Looking in – the reflections of our Creative Director


Changing light. Glass. Horizon. A coastline hoarding fossilised treasures. The Cobb. The Sea.

These were the key words in my mind as I thought about how to hang a show in a glass box perched above the seafront.

Lyme has a mysterious claim upon the people who live here and those who’ve known it as children or visited throughout their lives. It is at one and the same time a summer seafront full of children, ice-cream, the Arcade, fish & chips, swooping seagulls. The other side is the one the locals reclaim before trading begins and when everyone has gone home, blustery dog walks, watching the rolling weather systems from the West, myriad vessels bobbing in the harbour waiting to go fishing.

My aims for the exhibition were to create a light, fresh approach to photography, illustration and painting. Images were hung directly on the glass, approached from differing angles, from underneath, from the side, from a distance, seen from inside and out. I had to be respectful of the gardens and the view. It became clear that when you are inside the box you are always looking out and when outside drawn to look in. I asked the artists and photographers to submit two images with their interpretation of the title and decided that we had to hang the show with the images back to back, looking out , looking in.
Some of the images were melancholy, ethereal, quiet studies in contemplation, private moments. Others were bold and confident tackling the immense view head on. We tried to achieve a balance that showcased the work but still allowed you a glimpse of the skyline beyond.

Now the dust has settled and we’ve had time to absorb all the comments, reply to all the artists and photographers. It has been such an enormously rewarding experience and I’m so looking forward to pulling together the next event in Barcelona.


>Artist of the Week: Ronnie Creswell


Our artist of the week this week is Ronnie Creswell. Ronnie uses a variety of media to create her source materials, including photography, painting, drawing, felting, fabric dying and printmaking, which are then used as layers to build up “digital mixed media” images by bringing a variety of different media together in one image and exploring the contributions which can be gained from scanning and layering different pieces of work.

Her work refers to the passing of time and its effect upon our environment and reflects her interest in natural things, and she often revisits work she has done previously to recyle suitable textures or images, thus referring again to the passing of time. Here are a couple of images to whet your appetite:

Touch of Vintage 19, Ronnie Creswell

Coast, ronnie Creswell

Harebell 4, Ronnie Creswell

Ronnie’s work can be viewed on the Shed website, here is a link to her artist’s profile. She also contributed to our most recent group exhibition ‘Looking Out, Looking In’. Do visit Ronnie’s page on our website, as well as her own website www.ronniecreswell.co.uk to read more about her and her work, and look out for more glimpses of her this week on here.

>Thank you!

>A very big thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of our exhibition ‘Looking Out, Looking In’, which finished yesterday. We had lots of visitors, which was fantastic, and it was great to meet you all. And great to get so many of you signed up to the Shed!

We’d also like to extend an enormous thank you to all our artists who made the exhibition possible – wihout your beautiful, alluring photos, we would not have had a show. So THANK YOU Anthea Simmons, Chris Daubney, John Marriage, Moya Paul, Pamela Hollis, Maisie Hill, Jess Douglas, Michelle Frederick, Lauren Fox, Hilary Buckley, Miranda Hopkins, Ronnie Cresswell, Chelsea Davine, Paula Youens, Anna Kindred, Jacques Tutcher, Lottie Heffer, Philippa Gedge, Jeanne Goodridge and Vibeke Nordtomme. This was YOUR exhibition, and we are so happy to have had you all involved.

Thank you also to all those at Lyme Regis ArtsFest, and the Lister Rooms in Lyme – it was great to be a part of this festival and we hope to see you all again next year!

If you didn’t get down to see the exhibition, then we will be posting some pics of the show later on today. Do keep an eye on the ‘Upcoming Exhibitions’ tab to see what we have coming up in the next few weeks/months, and keep the dates free! And if you think that your own work, or that of someone you know would look brilliant in one of our group shows, go to our website and yourselves signed up.

>Welcome to our newest sign-ups!

>A very warm welcome to our new Shed Creatives who have joined us this week – Jules McDonald, Jillian Hunt, Cynny Sharp, Rachael Harling, Doug Chalk, John Stevens, Pete Hackett, Tony Colston, Sean Marony, Ben Buller and Nick Heap. We’re really happy to have you onboard and are very excited about sharing your work and getting to know you all better in the coming months!

All of their profiles will be live on our website in the next couple of days, where you will also be able to browse their work in our Gallery.

If YOU would like to get involved, or sign up a talented friend, please do just get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, look out for our next group exhibition – and we will of course keep you updated on our Shed Creatives’ activity as often as we can!