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>Artist of the Week: Jules McDonald


This week we are happy to be celebrating Jules McDonald as our Artist of the Week! Jules introduces her self and her work a bit below, along with a few images from her Shed Profile. We’ll be hearing more from Jules later in the week, but in the meantime please do visit her Shed Profile to see more of her work!
Rockout, by Jules McDonald
There is always an element of anticipation before a kids shoot as you are usually dealing with an unknown quantity. This is what gives you the buzz and possibly the headache! It’s when you find your in one of those moments when there is almost a stillness, everything comes together and you know that you have the shot, it can last for a moment or a few minutes, possibly depending on the age of the sitter or just pure luck! A simple prop, colour or texture can suddenly add another dimension or an added interest making the shot your own. I love working within a studio, years of art direction have left me with a love of working within a controlled environment letting the kids give you the energy and unpredictability.
– Jules McDonald
Little Angles, by Jules McDonald

White Out, by Jules McDonald

Masked Boy II, by Jules McDonald

>Reflections on the work of other Shed Creatives, by Fiona Roberts, Artist of the Week


I’m blown away by the talented photographers and artists on the Shed and find it really difficult to select favourites but for various reasons (all connected to how the work makes me feel) I particularly like the following: 

St Ives, by Hilary Buckley

– Fiona Roberts

Many thanks to Fiona for sharing her favourites from the Shed Gallery with us! As ever, comments and feedback, responses etc very welcome on here, just post below.

And to see Fiona’s own work, please do visit her Shed Profile.