>Reflections on the work of some other Shed Creatives – by Jillian Hunt

>I have been looking at some of the other artists that inspire me on The Shed website – there are so many!  

I love looking at  Alella Green Corridor by Lottie Heffer, I wish I could take  architectual shots like this as with Paula Youens‘ Autumn Window.

Alella Green Corridor
Lottie Heffer
Autumn Window
Paula Youens

Phillipa Gedge has a lovely design like quality to the way she sees things like King Penguins Close Up. Jeanne Goodridge’s Blue Wave has always been a favourite.  

Blue Wave
Jeanne Goodridge

King Penguins Close Up
Philippa Gedge

The way Moya Paul creates abstract distortions is very interesting, particularly The Ripple no.9 as also John Stevens post camera creations…but I also think it is enjoyable to see an image as it is, like Hestercombe by Bob Healey.  There are so many…Andy White‘s compositions, artist Fiona G. Roberts’ style and the photograms by Sally Shrubsall.

Bob Healey

John Stevens

Sally Shrubsall
Sea 2
Fiona G. Roberts

Potato Fields
Andy White
Ripple 9
Moya Paul

>Guest blog & new work by Jillian Hunt, Artist of the Week


Reclining Nude
Jillian Hunt

My background is textiles and textile design and this often shows through in my images.  They always seem to be textural and often abstract.  I look though the lens and and create a section from the ‘big picture’ I am looking at – like a section of a flower you may not notice or water movements that you don’t see at first. Using a digital camera and taking colour into the image is another dimension I enjoy although currently I am working in the darkroom alot and getting hands on creative with black and white film again as the image dimensions become tonal instead along with the textures and abstract design.

Petals in Spring
Jillian Hunt

I run my own business as a seamstress and therefore always working with fabrics and this has lead me to look at printing my images on dress fabrics and then also as The Shed does – printing on aluminium and also I am trying perspex.  I will be showing some of these different printing ideas in an exhibition I am sharing with some other artists at The Town Mill Art Gallery at the end of September this year and possibly at the church in June in Charmouth.

– Jillian

Looking out to Sea
Jillian Hunt

To see more of Jillian’s work, please visit her Shed Profile! And as ever, comments/feedback very welcome – click below to add yours πŸ™‚

>Artist of the Week: Jillian Hunt


Jillian Hunt

This week, our Artist of the Week is Jillian Hunt! Jillian lives in Charmouth and enjoys walking her dogs through the fields and along the beaches taking her camera with her. She observes and is influenced by the surroundings. She witnesses and responds to the way the weather and seasons change familiar objects and landscapes. Rain on water, sun causing shadows, wind sending waves crashing on the shore. Her work has a wild freedom to it, and she captures raw moments of nature in a really unique way. Having studied Textile Design at Great Yarmouth School Art and Design, Jillian often uses her background to bring texture to her images. 

As ever, we will be hearing from Jillian herself this week, and seeing some of her new work, as well as enjoying what we have seen before!

Gulls in Flight
Jillian Hunt

For more info about Jillian, and to see more of her work, please visit her Shed Profile, and do feedback/comment with your thoughts on here πŸ™‚

Jillian Hunt

Jillian Hunt

>Guest blog: Jeanne Goodridge on Photoshop, and the work of other Shed Artists

>I have finished my photoshop course today & can’t wait to get started on working on some of my images, looking forward to altering them to look more like art pictures. It’s amazing what you can do in this program so watch this space. I have always just wanted to take the photo & not alter it in anyway but now feel the buzz to do something different. I love the way Moya Paul works with her photos….

I have looked through all of The Shed Artists’ in the hope of choosing some to comment on – so many great photos, I don’t know where to start! Here goes:

Chris Daubney for his wildlife – a subject I also love photographing whilst travelling in America.

Female Leopard
Chris Daubney
Impala, nervous at the waterhole
Chris Daubney

Philippa Gedge – great Landscape photos! 

Monument Valley, Utah
Philippa Gedge

Reserva Nacional Los Flamencos 3, 
Atacama Desert, Chile
Philippa Gedge

Mark Thomas the great reflections in photos Norway 1 & 2

Norway I
Mark Thomas

Norway II
Mark Thomas

Rob Reeks, The Shed: whilst on my last trip I was finding loads of old falling down buildings to shoot, such character & trying to imagine who used to live there..

The Shed
Rob Reeks

And finally Graham Wiffen for his misty awesome pictures:

Misty Sunrise over Corfe Castle
Graham Wiffen
Morning Mists over Colmers Hill
Graham Wiffen

Jeanne Goodridge

Many thanks indeed to Jeanne for all of her input this week, and for these reflections on the work of some of our other Shed Creatives! It’s great to use this opportunity to get a bit of a dialogue going – so do comment and respond, let us know what you think of these works, which images would you have chosen? And why? Please feel free to wax lyrical… πŸ™‚

To see more of Jeanne’s own work, please visit her Shed Profile, and to buy prints of the work of any of our Shed Creatives, please visit our online Shed Shop!


>Call for Artists: Flesh Art Fair


Calling all Shed Creatives and Artists everywhere! One of our own, Alfredo Lietor, is part of the team organising Flesh Art Fair, the new independent art fair for visual artists. Flesh Art Fair is an international Art Fair, based in Palma, Mallorca, and Alfredo is inviting all of us to apply to be a part of it!

Here is some more info from Alfredo:
Flesh Art Fair main purpose is to create an international meeting ground for outstanding artists, and to promote their work to improve their expectations in the art market.

Flesh Art Fair offers the following promotional resources and services for artists:

β€’ To sell artworks directly and freely without any mediator (0% commission).                                  
β€’ To be included in the Art Patronage Program of Flesh Art Fair, with the possibility of getting a grant from a patron, which would  cover your participation fee entirely.
β€’ The promotion of your work through promotional materials (flyers, posters, street marketing, etc), the media, social networks and Flesh’s website.
β€’ A place to establish professional relationships with art gallery owners, art collectors, dealers and others members in the art market.
β€’ Invitation to the Flesh Private Dinner Reception for artists and patrons.

Applications for Flesh Art Fair 2012 will be welcomed until all vacancies are filled. 

To find out more about Flesh Art fair benefits for artists you can visit our web page Flesh Art Fair, and also download the following pdf β€œFlesh Art Fair participation rules”.