>Artist of the Week: Sally Shrubsall


Ghost 1 Photogram on Photographic Paper
Sally Shrubsall

Meet Sally Shrubsall, our Artist of the Week! Previously an arts therapist and lecturer, Sally now works as an artist, combining old fashioned photographic techniques with painting on various mediums. Sally draws much of her inspiration from the work of Carl Jung, and recurring themes in her work include depth, submergence and obscurity, and the related metaphors of the ocean and bodies of water. 

We’ll be hearing from Sally throughout this week – but in the meantime here is a selection of work from her Shed Portfolio! To see more of her work, and to read more about Sally’s background, do visit her Shed Profile, where all her work is also for sale.

Rolled Image Oil on Canvas
Sally Shrubsall

Screen 2 Oil on Canvas
Sally Shrubsall

Screen 8 Oil on Aluminium
Sally Shrubsall

Sally Shrubsall

>Matt Sowter, our Artist of the Week, reflects on the work of other Shed Creatives


Among all her great photos I particularly love “faded hull”. Those colours have a calming effect on me and I adore faded patina. I would have sniffed it if i were there, wood warmed by the sun, heaven:) happy        
Faded Hull, Essaouria, Morocco
Marisa Lopez

I love the image “somewhere”: very haunting, reminds me of “the blair witch”! Coool how did you achieve this Charles? 

Charles Hallsworth

Quinton Smith 
I also love the image “love me” – a smile inducing picture you could never get tired of looking at :) happy 

Quinton Smith

Ana de Lima 
I love the quirky nature of her work,very stylish. My favourite is “No entran moscas” – love it!!  

No entran Moscas
Ana de Lima

– Thanks for this Matt, and for all of your contributions this week! To see more of Matt’s own work, please do visit his Shed Profile, and feel free to leave your own comments/feedback for him on here! 

>Time Out in the Shed: a cup of Tea with Matt Sowter, our Artist of the Week

>We caught up with Artist of the Week Matt Sowter, to find out a bit more about what lights his fire as a photographer. Enjoy!    

Fuzzy Lanterns
Matt Sowter

1. What first drew you to photography?      

My father gave me an old “Topcon” SLR which I took to France on a school trip 

2. What is your favourite photographic memory, and why? 

This was when I visited a small village in Laos, within five minutes I took my two favourite pictures, one of two monks walking down the street lined with market traders and a karst limestone cliff in the foreground, the other of a local guy burning the scales of a monitor lizard over a wood fire.

3. Who is your favourite photographer, and why? 

I’m not sure who is my favourite but I do love black and white street photography that captures people/unusual settings or subjects unposed and natural.

Matt Sowter
4. What would be your ideal camera, and where would you take it? 

I have heard good things about the new fuji x pro 1, small but well made,ideal for travel(however its 2k so will have to wait few years!),I currently use a Lumix gf1 I have found adapting to using a single fixed focal length 20mm lens for all my pictures has made me think more carefully about composition.

5. Tell us what you enjoy most about your own work, and what has inspired you recently.

I enjoy taking photos of unusual subjects, markets are are particular favourite, finding a local fish market with crazy tropical fish is my heaven, although, sometimes challenging, with lack of natural light. My recent trip to the wonderful market in Barcelona was amazing, but the fluorescent lighting seemed to confuse my camera and results were disappointing.

Matt Sowter
6. Do you have bursts of creativity – and when/where are you most creative?

Asia in general really, it has everything!!

7. What are the most important elements of a successful photo?

For me its taking a unique photo that really captures the imagination and can take you to that place, for the viewer to wonder what that place would have ben like if they were there, not just the sight but the smells, sounds and tastes as well. (which is why stinky markets  are my favourite place to be).

8. Tell us about your favourite photograph, either your own or someone else’s, and please send us a copy if you have one!
My fav recent photo is the tuna head being sliced open, titled “Not tonight love” ha ha…but my all time fav has to be the monitor lizard which I have on old 35mm negative, I will try and get it scanned and send it to The Shed!

Matt’s favourite Pic!Not Tonight Love, I have a Splitting Headache
Matt Sowter

You can see more of Matt’s work on his Shed Profile, where all his images are for sale! 

Matt Sowter: Artist of the Week

MeetĀ Matt Sowter, our Artist of the Week! Matt is currently based in Somerset. He loves to travel, and explore places that really stimulate his senses, seeking to capture the memory of smells, sounds and sensations within a photograph.

We’ll be hearing from Matt throughout this week, and in the meantime here is a small selection of his work for you to enjoy.

To see more of Matt’s work, please visit hisĀ Shed Profile, where all his images are for sale!

>The Axe Vale Festival

>Our Artist of the Week, Hilary Buckley, will be at the Axe Vale Festival next weekend, selling prints, paintings, cards, mugs and more! Do pop down if you can – as well as Hilary’s beautiful work, inspired by the Dorset landscapes and scenery, the festival is full of events, activities, displays and stalls.

More info on the festival can be found on their website: http://www.axevalefestival.org.uk/

The festival is next weekend: Saturday Sunday 23 June 10m-6pm & 24 June 9.30am-5.30pm. Hope to see you down there!