Chelsea’s thoughts on the exhibition…

On a wild and windy morning where only the most intrepid venture out to take photos of the raging sea or walk their dogs on Back Beach, I have had some time to look back and reflect on the past 10 days of our annual Summer Exhibition at the Malthouse in Lyme Regis. This building dates back to 1749, and has been loving restored but still shows the scars of years of use and neglect only to be revived by the Town Mill trust along with the working Mill. Nestled amongst the oldest streets and straddling the river Lym that peacefully meanders down the valley and occasionally shows its strength where the rushing waters threaten to take all before it, it embodies our past and also how we look towards the future. It seems appropriate that our exhibition –Albion– should encompass and try to show the many faces of our islands and the myriad ways our artists and photographers feel inspired and compelled to record the environment, people, politics around them and sits so well in this space.
We chose to curate the show in 4 parts focussing on Landscape, Seascape, Urban and Nature. I’m often asked ‘how do I choose what to exhibit’? It’s always all about the images. A simple photograph can express feelings of place, belonging, evoke memories both sad and happy as well as document our social history and changing surroundings. When selecting we try very hard to hang the work with sensitivity and create a cohesive theme that is easy to read, inspires thought and often contemplation.
From our Urban element Ian Dicks’ work of social satire through illustration adds a touch of very British humour.
‘Corgie and Bess’ has made everyone smile as they walked through the door. Paula Youens and her series of letters ‘E is for…’ has proved a talking point. The majesty of Carloine Collett’s ‘Old London New London’ creates the corner piece of our architectural images which include Massimiliano’s 160 Window’s, Emmanuel’s Electric 5QU4R3, Bob Healey’s Pods Cast, Mark Thomas’s ‘The one I missed…’ is a perfect moment anyone who has ever lived in London recognises and Helen Harper’s ‘Phone Boxes’ stand as sentinals to how we used to communicate.
Jess Douglas has once again sold her Lights On, The Cobb and Adidas illustrations.
Printing them in large format on the aluminum somehow lifts the image and has resonated with the public and we are delighted for her!!
And we still have two days left!!

Albion Private View

Once again we were blessed with a warm evening for the opening of Albion on the 17th of August!

Albion private view

The Shed Creatives

It was lovely to see Paula Youens, Guy Kirkham, Lynn Hughes, Ian Dicks, Graham Wiffen, Charles Hallsworth and the Mayor, Sally Holman. Thank you to Francesca Evans of the View From newspaper for her coverage and continuing support.  Throughout the week it has also been great to catch up with Bob Healey, Mat Sowter, Robert Reeks, Jennifer Hollands, Cynny Sharp, Benjitas, Anna KIndred, Pete Hackett,  John Marriage, Hilary Buckley, Fiona G Roberts, Miranda Hopkins, Jacques Tutcher, Chris Daubney, Tricia Scott, Lois Wakeman (who decided to sign up once she saw the show!) and Jess Douglas. We also welcome on board our most recent sign ups Robert Overton and Emma Burton who sold her delicate Lavender almost as soon as we hung it!

Thank you each and everyone for your support, coffee, kind words and help. Justin, Merry from the Town Mill Cheesemonger and their deliciously moreish lemon curd ice-cream and riotous conversation. Sarah from the Mill trust, Caroline for the cups of tea and gossip from the Sewing Sanctuary and Jess and the girls from the Millside restaurant to Berry the ceramicist across the way who wrote in out visitors book ‘wonderful, let’s keep the show on forever’. To everyone who has stepped through the door and given us all and the artists feedback and encouragement and above all patronage. A special thank you to Jess’s mum Jill for her help in the gallery, Lynn Hughes for her keen eye,  Paula for her print demonstrations (another one all day on Saturday) and general fellow Tigger, mum for bringing me lunch. John, Jane and Matt for the hang and endless labeling and the rest of the Shed team, you are each and everyone one of you invaluable. Your hard work and patience make the whole project so special and keep me sane!

EDGE 2012 Art Exhibition

EDGE 2012 is an art exhibition showcasing East Anglian creativity and invention.

Edge Poster

It runs for one week, from Saturday 25th – Friday 31st August in Burnham Overy Staithe Village Hall.

An East Anglian version of the Royal Academy of Art’s Summer Show, the commission from each individual sale will go to a local charity, which this year is Wells Community Hospital Trust.  Artists, artisans, designers and makers who live, work, spend time in, or are inspired by, East Anglia, have submitted up to 3 pieces of work, in any media, for inclusion in the show.

East Anglia has a rich vein of locally-grown artistic talent, with graduates from The Slade, Central St. Martins and Goldsmiths, and tutors from The Royal Academy and The Royal College of Art, living, working and practising in this part of Britain.

Artists include the internationally acclaimed Sir Nicholas Grimshaw PRA, Roger Law, local heroes Pamela Noyes and Nicholas Barnham, and young art graduates Flora Mims, Chloe Steele and Olivia Faire.  The show also features our own Lottie Heffer!!

Fiona G. Roberts at this year’s Sunday Times Watercolour exhibition!!

Fiona, one of our exhibitors, has been selected for the renowned Sunday Times Watercolour exhibition which is now in its 25th year.


This prestigious annual exhibition celebrates the diversity and beauty of the medium of watercolour and takes place at the Mall Galleries, The Mall, London SW1Y 5BD.

Please keep these dates in your diary, 17 – 22 SEPTEMBER 2012.

10am-5pm daily admission free

Exhibiting artists will be taking part in artist demonstrations daily throughout the exhibition and its free to attend.

Following the exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London the exhibition will go on tour!!

You can visit Fiona’s profile by clicking here!!

The Urban element of Albion..


Architecture and man made elements around us also inspire our community. Capturing and processing how we interact with them and how we feel about these inanimate objects in our daily lives, through photography and illustration.

In many cases there is an irreverence as shown by Ian Dicks with his series of Urban street art to rival Banksy, with his tongue in cheek look at our politicians and society.


Urban Gorilla

Urban Gorilla


‘Urban Gorilla’ ‘FTSE Cameron’ and Vegan Mary’ cleverly mock and are great images.

FTSE Cameron

FTSE Cameron


Jess Douglas has a couple of illustrations that work wonderfully in large format ‘London Pub’ and ‘Streetfest’ are beautifully realised images and capture the essence of London so well.

London Pub

London Pub


Caroline Collet, Emmanuel Chamboisier, Mark Thomas, Bob Healey and Helen Harper have recorded the urban landscape through photography in equally as successful ways in ‘Wapping wharf’, ‘Old London, New London’, ‘Electric 5QU4R3’ , ‘Phone Boxes’,  ‘Pods Cast’, ‘London Bus , the one I missed’ and my favourite image of them all by Paula Youens ‘E is for England’.

E is for England

E is for England


You can see all of these and more at our exhibition running from the 17th August – 3rd September and all are welcome to the Private View on the 17th August, 7pm at The Malthouse, Lyme Regis, Dorset.