Albion PV and Meet the Artist event.

Cock ‘n’ Bull Gallery presents ALBION – A group show by Chelsea Davine and The Shed Gallery

Join us for Nyetimber and nibbles from 6.30pm on Thursday February 7th
Cock ‘n’ Bull Gallery, Tramshed EC2A 3LX.

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The Shed has chosen ALBION the oldest known Ancient Greek name for England as their response to the spotlight that has been shone on our Island this past year. Through the reminder of our Royal Heritage and the quest for greatness in the Olympic ideal, their show aims to be a celebration of our identity as a Nation through photography, print and artwork. Our coastline, ancient lands and identity defined by invasion, hills and valleys, provide constant inspiration for many of The Shed’s community.

Join us for an evening with Chelsea Davine and The Shed Photography on March 1st 7pm at the Cock ‘n’ Bull Gallery.

Our head chef Damian Clisby has created a very special one-off menu reflecting the images exhibited in this show celebrating all things English.

For more information or to book tickets click here.

Original Art to be featured at ALBION.

Well here is the final collection that completes the ALBION exhibition, the original artwork.

Both Lauren and Michelle have found inspiration, once again, in discarded, unloved materials. It seems so simple, find an old spring, piece of wood and just put it together. Believe me its not that simple. The decisions made to create a harmonious sculpture that transcends its raw material is a real gift. Long hours are spent in cold workshops manipulating unyielding bits of thrown away junk, into beautiful, covetable objects. How do you choose which one to buy? I’d be delighted to keep them all. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing studio space with both Lauren and Michelle and know it’s a tough life being a female sculptor. They deserve recognition for their determination and I’d snap up their pieces now!

Hilary Buckley has an eye and a line that is quite unique and sings loudly. Her pieces immediately call your attention and it’s going to be quite wonderful to see the response of her work out of their usual context of being shown in and around West Dorset.

What can I say about the trajectory of Fiona G. Robert’s career! Shoreditch will be slumming it for this artist who now regularly exhibits in West London! Her paintings are sensual and evocative. They are of summer days, waterways, trees, spring and Joy. How delightful to just title a painting JOY! It’s so bold and yet Fiona is one of the most modest people I have met and her work deserves the platform an exhibition such as this will provide her.

Then last but not least is Paula. She is an artist in every sense of the word. Paula makes it seem so easy, just pick up a pencil and draw! What’s stopping you! She’s right, art really is that simple and I’m delighted to be able to showcase a variety of her pieces in and around the gallery; sketches, dry point prints, collage and her photography.

Paula has become a dear friend and watching her work, well actually watching her sit and ponder whilst humming away about to launch into a drawing is such a pleasure. Seeing at first hand the process each of these artists go through is fascinating. Michelle is meticulous and Lauren has such strength she is undeterred by huge tree trunks and picking an enormous piece of steel out of a skip and dragging it back to the workshop. I hope I will have the opportunity to work alongside Fiona and Hilary too someday.

It’s just an observation but all the ‘makers’ are women. There is no agenda just a quiet determination to get an idea across, master a craft and an imperative to create.

As for my work, this show was inspired by a snow covered island seen from the air. My ALBION painting is the culmination of those thoughts as I was flying in for Christmas to Bristol and the sun glistened and glinted on the hills and valleys, punctuated by frozen ponds, tufts of woodland and liquorice black ribbons on motorways. It took my breath away and the concept of celebrating our beautiful white isle, Albion, came into being.

The exhibition has been an enormous undertaking but so rewarding. The team hang in a week’s time and we open the doors on the 7th February at the Private View. See you there!

Michelle Frederick

Camara Curiosa 15  

Camara Curiosa 16  

Camara Curiosa 18  

Camara Curiosa 19 

Battersea Power Station 


Fiona Roberts

Irt 2 (framed)

Thames (framed)

Thames 3 

Spring Flowers 2


Hilary Buckley

Marshwood Vale from Pilsdon Pen

Patterns of Beer Cliffs


Chelsea Davine

Copper Meridian

Silver Watermark ALBION

Copper Watermark ALBION

Not in my name ALBION

Hunters Moon

Watermark Triptych

Autumn Leaves ALBION

Seep 80 ALBION



Lauren fox

Remains of Rule



Paula Youens

Cobb Cottages-Low tide


Cobb Blues

A nice mug of tea



Featured images: Albion 2013 at the Cock ‘n’ Bull.

Albion 2013 PosterThank you for your response to the previous blog post detailing how we curated the show. I am overwhelmed by the kind words and encouragement. It’s an honour to be representing so many talented and friendly people and I’m really looking forward to finally meeting many of you and having the opportunity to talk to you further about your work.

Please send out your own publicity inviting people and post details on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, instagram or your own blogs.  You can hyperlink the images so people can click on them and go straight through to the image on the website to view the inspirations behind them and give you feedback on your work!!
You are, of course, all welcome to come to the opening on the 7th February at 6.30pm with friends and family even if your work didn’t make it into this show.
This is now our 7th exhibition and we will hold more in the future. I truly hope this will act as a catalyst and lead to more creative work and spur you all on to other projects and even set up your own exhibitions maybe with fellow shed dwellers!
Below is the list of the photographs to be shown at the Albion exhibition, both on the walls and also on the shelves and tables. Once I have the final photographs and details of the original artwork and sculpture I will send a list through later on this week:
Architecture and Cityscape wall.

Rachael Talibart, London City.

Helen Harper, Big Ben, London.

Christine Santostefano, St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Cynny Sharp, Winter sunrise in Stonehenge.

Mark Thomas, London Bus, the one I missed.

Jess Douglas, London Pub.

John Hunt, Staircase.

John Hunt, Steel and glass with clouds.

Geoffrey Beer, A snowy day in Newcastle.

Massimiliano Maddalena, 160 Windows of Density.

Thomas Hard, Brighton Wheel.

Emmanuel Chamboissier, V.

Emmanuel Chamboissier, Electric 5QU4R3.

Bob Healey, Pod’s Cast!

Philippa Gedge, Mousehole Harbour, Cornwall.

Rachael Talibart, Storm approaching Birling gap.

Rachael Talibart, Dunstanburgh Castle.

Joseph Oughton, Portland.

Caroline Collett, Ancient tree, Abbotsbury.

Andy White, Burnham Norton church in the fog.

Christine Santostefano, A frosty morning.

Philippa Gedge, The girl in the café, Stoke Newington.

Terry Batten, Backstage at the Arts Centre.

Paula Youens, A nice cup of tea.

Paula Youens, TEA!

Paula Youens, Cottages on the Cobb.

Rachael Talibart, Cobb Cottages.


Free hanging large landscape images hung back to back;

Andy White, August Mist from Quarr hill.

Andy White, Mist in the vales.

Benjitas, Cobb storm 2.

Jeanne Goodridge, The Cobb wall in Winter.


Landscape and Seascape Wall.

Tricia Scott, Dorset Bronze.

Tricia Scott, Dorset Silver.

Tricia Scott, Dorset Gold.

Emma Burton, Skimming the light.

Caroline Collett, Atlantic Coast Sunset.

Graham Wiffen, Misty Sunrise over Corfe Castle.

Guy Kirkham, Sunrise on the Blackdowns.

Lois Wakeman, The Copse.

Graham Wiffen, Morning Mist over Colmers Hill.

Lois Wakeman, Five Trees at Dawn.

Tom Hard, Summer comes early.

Pete Mitchell, The Path.

Daren Griffen, Glengarry Forest.

John Gubbins, Golden Grasses.

Pete Hackett, E80.

Benjitas, Boats of Beer, Devon.

Tricia Scott, Smugglers Haven.

Jeanne Goodridge, Blue wave, Lulworth, Dorset.

Lois Wakeman, Surfs Up!

Graham Wiffen, Tranquility at Durdle Door.

Graham Wiffen, Dorset Groyne.


Social Commentary wall.

Maisie Hill, Audrey.

Maisie Hill, Charlotte.

Maisie Hill, Jean.

Maisie Hill, Julia.

Maisie Hill, Brian.

Georgina Bedford, OXO.

BoB Healey, Allsorts 3.

Ana de Lima, Nyam Nyam.

Ian Dicks, FTSE.

Ian Dicks, Corgie and Bess.

Ian Dicks, Sucking Bankers.

Paula Youens, Harvest.

Paula Youens, Shed.

Paula Youens, A is for Art.

Philippa Gedge, Twins at Selfridges.

Philippa Gedge, Jubilee Revellers.

Andy White, Chilling out before the show.

Andy White, 3 Kiosks at West Bay.

Doug Chalk, Summer is over.

Lois Wakeman, Antenna.

Christine Santostefano, Ice cream anyone? Maybe not…

David Walker, Road sign, Hackney.

David Walker, Changing times.

David Walker, Not number 10.


Images for shelves.

Rob Coombe, Tower Bridge Olympic rings.

Rob Coombe, British Beach Huts.

Rachael Talibart, Who, or what, are you?

Ian Dicks, A lesson in Socialism.

Joshua Morris, Bicycle in Cambridge.

Chelsea Davine, British Museum.

Chelsea Davine, Cobb Steps.

Pete Hackett, Customs & Excise.

Joseph Qughton, Dandelion.

Daren Griffin, Lanterns.

Vibeke Nordtomme, Days of Rain.

Moya Paul, Devon Winter.

Paula Youens, E is for England.

Emma Burton, Autumnal Sunshine.

Emmanuel Chamboissier, Hard dark sky of white cloud.

Emmanuel Chamboissier, Cube.

Emmanuel Chamboissier, Glass vortex.

Rosie Nalle, Gaia 2.

Geoffrey Beer, A flower I love.

Guy Kirkham, Vanishing point.

Jess Douglas, The Rock Point.

Timothy Foxx Neal, Jeweled Spiders web.

John Marriage, Sealife 1.

John Marriage, Leaf-lens 1.

Kirsty Fenton, Draped Cloth.

Emma Burton, Lavender.

Lynn Hughes, Earth stood hard as iron.

John Hunt, March to work.

Jess Douglas, Mural Shadow.

David Walker, No. 40.

Pamela Hollis, Canary Wharf 6.

Peter Bazeley, Fishing Boats.

Rachael Talibart, Medicine for the soul.

John Gubbins, Sunset Waves.

Timothy Foxx Neal, Swan Heart.

Tricia Scott, Phare de Four.

Tricia Scott, Seaworn 1.


Congratulations to all!!

Curation of the Albion exhibition at the Cock ‘n’ Bull.

After many hours of agonising we have made the final selection of images that will form the ALBION exhibition at the Cock ‘n’ Bull gallery.

Albion at the Cock n Bull Gallery

Albion at the Cock n Bull Gallery

Thank you for making the task so difficult by providing us with such a rich body of work to choose from.

We had in mind how we wished to curate ALBION, to show the diversity of this beautiful island through the eyes of many of our community. The names included in RED are those who will have images that will be hung on the wall, however as we always do, there will be small images available to buy there and then from other members’ of the community at the exhibition which proves very popular and will be replaced as they sell. This will include late entries and also images that often, because of the resolution or format, couldn’t be produced to the scale we needed.

Creatives featured at Albion 2013So how did we come to the selection? Firstly we collated all the most vibrant and striking images and also bodies of work together, we then began to group them, finding interesting dialogues between the photographs. Trying to avoid a ‘Salon hang’ like the RA summer show, we wanted the exhibition to feel fresh, modern and above all relevant. It became clear that the prevailing interests of the community concentrated on Architecture, Landscape, Seascape, our sense of humour and a wry side look at the oddest elements of everything around us.

We were keen to respect thought through bodies of work. Maisie Hill’s Dorchester series is a cohesive narrative on Dorchester Hospital tells such a powerful story that showing them as a series gives them an even greater presence. They feel like images preserved in aspic of an England we all know, our grandmother’s kitchen, clocks on mantelpieces, crotched blankets, white split loaves of bread, eiderdowns. Even the words are so quintessentially English and evocative I kept expecting the original Miss Marple of my childhood (was it Margaret Rutherford?) or my Nan to step into the shot! In a similar vein iconic images of details came late from Bob Healey and Georgina Bedford that made me laugh out loud at the genius of their simplicity.

Seascapes were well represented and for me embodied by Tricia Scott’s glorious series of abstracted coastal shots Gold, Silver and Bronze which was inspirational in an Olympic year. Seeing so many images of Lyme and the Cobb by Pete Hackett, Jeanne Goodridge and many others made me pine for home and walking along Monmouth beach in a howling gale such as in Benjitas’ Cobb series. What an enduring muse that wall is and how I never tire of its sensuous form and majestic presence.

The same is true of the local landmark that accompanies any journey going East into Dorset towards Bridport, Colmers Hill and its surrounding countryside. Breathtaking is the only way to describe the landscape entries. Andy White, Graham Wiffen, Doug Chalk, Hilary Buckley among others never seem to tire of getting up in the early morning mist to capture the rolling hills, valleys and subtle colours that seem to emanate from the land itself. I try to take these photographs, I always fail to capture the essence I’m after yet these artists and photographers manage to isolate that feeling and capture that fleeting moment. I also admire the dedication of photographers such as Rachael Talibart and the techniques used by Lois Wakeman. Their patience and eye for composition and passion of their subject matter shines through even on the filthy screen I see the images on.

Light relief is shown through David Walker’s keen eye for street art and Ian Dicks’ tongue in cheek, naughty, bitingly satirical and playful ‘Graffiti’. Paula Youen’s delightful selection of drawings and print work will be shown in and around the photographs as a counterpoint to or further study of subject matter shown in the gallery.

This is contrasted by a grittier, no nonsense contribution of our landmark architecture and urban geometry from Geoffrey Beer, Christine Santostefano, Emmanuel Chamboissier, Helen Harper and John Hunt. While Philippa Gedge and Terry Batten have timeless images of unobserved moments.

Throughout its been a delight talking to the ‘makers’ among you about the pieces you are working on, can’t wait to see the originals in the flesh….

The essence of the show is to evoke passion, empathy, nostalgia, awe or even make us chuckle. An exhibition should fill your soul, make you forget space and time for those few moments inside while its pouring out. To make connections you hadn’t seen before or inspire you to get creating or take your camera, absolutely everywhere with you. Here many of you will see your images printed for the first time and quite possibly hung too. This will prove priceless. It’s extraordinary that we collate 1000’s of images but never see if they stand to scrutiny beyond our online outlets and screens. This is an exhibition of artwork. They are beautiful images that require time to contemplate and are not just commodities. This is very important. In my career as an artist, if I create work ‘to sell’ it lacks soul, I work for me and I hope it will resonate in others. I too have faced rejection, criticism, disappointment when something I have created doesn’t sell. The success now out weighs the down turns but to convert your passion into art someone will invest in and put on a wall, forever, requires a huge commitment. You need to believe in your work, promote it, print it and show it.  Cajole friends and family to be your first investors!

I hope this exhibition will provide the first tentative step on what is often a long road for many of you into the art world and for those of you who are established to find new clients. This is a considerable opportunity for all of us involved, come along, bring friends and help yourself by making the step to becoming a professional commercial photographer and artist. Absorb the feedback, ask advice, push yourselves further.

It’s been a pleasure pulling this exhibition together and the Shed team would like to thank you for your patience, application and enthusiasm. We would also like to thank in particular Jo Harris and Rebecca Lidert of the Cock ‘n’ Bull gallery for the commitment they have made to the project. We are all really looking forward to seeing you at the Private View! Not long now!

We’ll be releasing the details of the chosen images within the next 48 hours.

Albion featured on Mark Hix’ website!!

Albion at the Cock n Bull gallery.

The Shed has chosen ‘Albion’ the oldest known Ancient Greek name for England as their response to the spotlight that has been shone on our Island this past year. Through the reminder of our Royal Heritage and the quest for greatness in the Olympic ideal, their show aims to be a celebration of our identity as a Nation through photography, print and artwork. Our coastline, ancient lands and identity defined by invasion, hills and valleys, provide constant inspiration for many of our community.

Please view the rest of the article by visiting the Shed pages on the Cock n Bull website.