It’s the last weekend of the Albion Exhibition!

Well what a month! I think the team has finally drawn breath and recovered from the frenetic week of the ALBION PV.

An enormous thank you to EVERYONE who sent a message, wrote on the blog, shared on Facebook, tweeted or was able to come to the private view. We have spent the last few weeks following up leads, possible sales and encouraging friends and clients to go along.

This is the last full weekend so take advantage and go along for one last look!

We are looking at opportunities to tour the show and are in conversation with a space in Bristol… as and when we know more we will let you know.

The Cock’n’Bull gallery have held a couple of events to help raise the profile and bring different people through the exhibition; a private dinner party for 40 people and also a Q&A with the recognised street artist Thierry Noir whose audacity in painting the Berlin Wall began to render it impotent.

Stick was also at the gallery and answered questions from the bloggers and nearly 60 people who went to the talk.


What’s new in the Shed?

As you may have noticed there have been some changes to the sites and a couple of admin areas I’d like to draw your attention to. We have two websites; one is the Shed Gallery, where our community talk and your profiles are located and the other the Shed Photography, our commercial site aimed at selling your work. They are interlinked but have different roles.

In your profiles (on the Gallery site) and if you are a painter/maker please make sure your images are TAGGED as available as an original piece. This means you have to go into your profile and select each image individually and change its status. Be as descriptive as possible about each piece. This really helps to sell the work to the general public and adds depth to your profile. Imagine yourself as someone who doesn’t know your own work and how you would explain it to someone who was stood next to you in your studio. If it is still available for sale you may add the price, if you so wish. This means it will also appear in the Shop site under the category of ‘Original artwork’ and an enquiry form will be sent and the process to buy it can begin.


Social Sharing

Also on the Gallery site there are 3 buttons from which you can SHARE your work on Facebook, twitter and Pinterest . With a simple click your work will appear across social media and link back again to your profile. We recommend you take some time to edit, re categorise and put into differing portfolios your work. Show your strongest work and also ideas but be judicious in your selections. In my experience too many images can confuse the ideas you wish to convey and culling a few images can strengthen a collection.


Limited Editions

We have also introduced a new addition to the Shed Photography website which is our Limited Edition facility. All the images included in the ALBION show are now available as 1/20 in that size and every time one sells the amount will automatically go down. This does not mean the images cannot be bought in other sizes, however they will not be limited. If you have your own limited editions we can now incorporate them too which is a useful element for the professional photographers among you. Please contact us if you wish to take advantage of this facility.


Subscription Renewal

Emails will soon be going out to our community to those of you who have been with us for over a year to ask for a renewal of your subscription. We have chosen to adopt a monthly subscription moving forward, this way it is easier to manage and more affordable for you!! If you have any further questions, please contact me or if you have difficulty finding the subscription then let me know.


The Future…

Both Ben and I hope that as our community grows and our ability through subscriptions to explore various ways of promoting and selling your work will by beneficial to us all. We will continue to improve the website and our service and as always your help, contribution and comments will be most warmly received.


Chelsea Davine, Creative Director.


See inside Albion, a walk through the exhibition.

As you approach Rivington street either from Shoreditch or Old Street Tube you walk past a myriad of cool bars, night clubs and cutting edge shops. The diversity of East End life is there on every corner. Tucked away is the wonderful Grade II listed Tramshed restaurant on the corner of Charlotte Street. It’s façade of yellowing brick reveals within the jewel in east London’s crown; a permanent Damien Hirst installation. It is staggering in its monumental presence. The formaldehyde gently ripples as you look through the glass box. To some it is unnerving, to others the epitomy of the YBAs far reaching global domination of the art scene. As with most venues in this part of town the gallery is hidden away, to be found on the coolest websites and name checked by young bloggers and hip trendsetters.

Go along, take friends, it’s a wonderful venue and the work in the exhibition looks fantastic as you can see from the walk through from Philippa Gedge’s photographs, below. Post this blog on to your friends and contacts, show them your work and thank you for all your feedback and wonderful comments.

All of the images are on sale as limited editions on the Shed Photography website.

Albion Private View

We’ve done it, its over and it was truly wonderful. I can safely say that I never imagined we would have a queue of people cramming to get down the stairs to see the ALBION exhibition even in the pouring rain!

We were possibly 200 people at one point and thanks to Mark Hix  who bought extra cases of Nyetimber and Mungos beer. The staff at the Tramshed have been so helpful and kept us going with steak sandwiches and coffee all week and as a celebration many of us went after the PV for dinner and the food is quite special, although I did have an argument about cheesecake with Matthew Fort the food writer, I stand my ground, cheesecake is worthy of being on any British menu!

We had the pleasure of giving pre previews to Giles Fraser ‘loose canon’ from the Guardian, HOXTON radio, East London and In Shoreditch events websites, Pip Evans Editor of the View From newspapers and Liza Bruce, the fashion designer among friends and family who couldn’t make the PV but wanted to show their support. Our association with the HIX group has helped us to publicise our community to a really wide audience.

I think I managed to speak to nearly all of you at the show, Helen, Rachael, Geoffrey, Tricia, Michelle, Emma, Joseph, David, Michael (who sold a print to Mark Hix himself!), Bob, Paula, Caroline, Georgina, Jeanne, Ian, Andy…Christine I saw you were there but sadly I didn’t get to talk to you.

I do hope you were all pleased and were as thrilled as I was to see my work hanging in such an elite gallery in the heart of London. I know my mum and dad were very proud and I’m sure your families were too. A huge congratulations goes to Michelle Frederick for her standout, stunning sculpture of Battersea Power Station and for selling 3 of her cameras to the global chain of stores, Anthropology, her talent has finally been recognised and I couldn’t be happier for her. I’m sure this is just the start of a successful collaboration with them.

The concept was strong; to represent the best of British in a gallery and restaurant acclaimed for its heritage and sole use of regional products. We curated the show starting with our cityscapes by creating a skyline and kept it monochromatic, leading onto a collection of landscapes and seascapes and then our social commentary wall that made us laugh, smile and feel nostalgic. You may have also noticed we have introduced a limited edition element to the Shed Photography shop site. This will include images from the exhibitions which will be available as I/20 in that format. There is also the functionality to see how many have been sold. This should be completed by the end of the weekend.

A big thank you to Philippa Gedge who photographed the event and the exhibition and stormed the night and sold 4 prints, I think we could all learn from her.

She brought many friends along and is also going to make full use  of the event by holding all her meetings there and arranging to have coffee with friends at the show. I encourage you all to try and do the same, if possible. It was hard work getting the exhibition up but now the really hard work begins, getting clients and customers to see your beautiful images and for them to want to buy them and take them home.

Use this as a platform, plan other shows, work hard to get yourself known, exploit social media and the internet, its free! Update your CVs, contact your local press and get them to write an article on you, they are often desperate for copy and arresting images; it’s a game of patience but also incredible dedication and determination. My career began in pubs and cafés and the aluminium prints as I’m sure you have now seen are beautiful and elegant and elevate your work to another level.

I hope you can overlook the odd spelling mistake (sorry Joseph!) and on behalf of the Shed team from Ben, Adam, Dasha of Shito designs, Mark Hix, Rebecca Lidert gallery manager and Jo Harris who was instrumental in the success of the event from beginning to end.

Thank you for believing in us, we will continue to grow and work hard on your behalf and improve our service and website month on month. We look forward to sharing many more events and happy times together, keep in touch!