See inside Albion, a walk through the exhibition.

As you approach Rivington street either from Shoreditch or Old Street Tube you walk past a myriad of cool bars, night clubs and cutting edge shops. The diversity of East End life is there on every corner. Tucked away is the wonderful Grade II listed Tramshed restaurant on the corner of Charlotte Street. It’s façade of yellowing brick reveals within the jewel in east London’s crown; a permanent Damien Hirst installation. It is staggering in its monumental presence. The formaldehyde gently ripples as you look through the glass box. To some it is unnerving, to others the epitomy of the YBAs far reaching global domination of the art scene. As with most venues in this part of town the gallery is hidden away, to be found on the coolest websites and name checked by young bloggers and hip trendsetters.

Go along, take friends, it’s a wonderful venue and the work in the exhibition looks fantastic as you can see from the walk through from Philippa Gedge’s photographs, below. Post this blog on to your friends and contacts, show them your work and thank you for all your feedback and wonderful comments.

All of the images are on sale as limited editions on the Shed Photography website.

11 thoughts on “See inside Albion, a walk through the exhibition.

  1. Gat post. It’s nice to see how the exhibition looks with fewer people too. One gets a better sense of the flow. I will have to pop up and see it again. Not a hardship!

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  3. Great post with lovely photos Chelsea – I am just sorry I wasn’t able to come to the PV. It sounds as if you all had a blast! Thanks for all your hard work on our behalf…

  4. Wow! It looks superbly hung and I’m only sorry I couldn’t in the end make the Private View. Big, big thanks to Chelsea, Ben, the Team and Mark. Onwards and upwards!

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