Tying up the Shed Winter Show.

The Shed Winter Show was wrapped up in biblical conditions. Rain swelled the gentle Lym, waves the like of which are rarely seen in Lyme, lashed the coastline and raged against the Cobb wall.

The news did its level best to dissuade anyone from travelling to the coast but as always the storm chasing photographers rushed to witness the high tides, trying to capture that moment when sea hits land and the illusive golden orb in the sky flashes through the towering clouds. Extremes of any sort provide inspiration for those of us who see the world through a lens or at the end of a piece of charcoal, so we were happy!

Lyme before the storm by John Hunt

Lyme before the storm by John Hunt

Old friends and new ones came to see the exhibition despite the inclement weather, sodden and soggy with forlorn looking dogs whom I’m sure really didn’t want to go for a Boxing day walk. As always those who braved the storms weren’t disappointed. There are now happy people who’ve taken home pieces by Odile Moreno, Paula Youens, Silvia Ragel-Serrano, Stephen Banks, Rachael Talibart, Tony Antoniou, John Hunt, Joseph Oughton and Josh Morris to name just a handful of exhibitors who sold work. One of the most encouraging things were the repeat visitors who came back looking for the Shed and excited to see new work or searching out an image they fell in love with before and if it had sold going away and ordering online.

Archway to Heaven by Stephen Banks

Archway to Heaven by Stephen Banks

As always we couldn’t have had such a successful show without those of you who helped hang or steward and who also gave sage advice and encouragement, Pete, Paula, Phil and Caroline a huge thank you. It was great to finally meet others of you and put a face to the portfolios, Sam, Neil, John, Megan and lovely to catch up with so many others.

Into The Storm by Tony Antoniou

Into The Storm by Tony Antoniou

We will send through a separate feedback email in the coming weeks with a plan of the upcoming AOTW. Orders have been printed and sent out and follow up emails are keeping us busy!! The photographs for the Shed gallery in Barcelona are on their way! Keep an eye on social media and the blog for further details of what sold and our plans for further shows in the coming year!

Martí Andiñach Project

Martí Andiñach is a young photography graduate from Barcelona who specialises in portrait and documentary photography. His work is stunning and rich in depth and tone. Martí has begun a ‘Crowdfunding’ project to help him set up a photographic studio that specilaises in the wet collodion way of photographic printing. This process was developed in the 1850’s and used glass and created beautifully detailed prints. It is barely used these days.

One of our main objectives in the Shed is to promote and support projects by amateur and professional photographers alike. We are delighted to use our contacts and social media presence to help him in his objective of raising €500 to start the project and wish him every success.

If you wish to know more about Martí and his work please follow the link below.

www.martiandinach.com co-fundador de www.amoralart.cat




Martí Andiñach es un joven fotógrafo de Barcelona, especializado en retratos i fotografía documental.

Activo y emprendedor, Martí  propone un crowdfunding con el objetivo de  conseguir el dinero necesario para poder terminar de montar un laboratorio-estudio con el que poder recuperar el uso de una técnica fotográfica “colodión húmedo”, técnica fotográfica  utilizada en el SXIX y actualmente casi olvidada.

Ya que la Shed Gallery tiene como función principal promover a fotógrafos y  sus trabajos, y dar a conocer a artistas a través de las redes sociales, nos solidarizamos con Martí  y damos difusión a su proyecto.
Si queréis saber más sobre este proyecto y/o contribuir a que se pueda realizar consultar:   http://www.potlatch.es/proyecto/191

co-fundador de www.amoralart.cat