Artists and Photographers selected for the MUSE exhibition

The closing date has passed for submissions for the MUSE exhibition. I have spent the past few weeks rifling through images and reading some wonderfully evocative prose that accompanied the photography and artwork. 

I underestimated the interest and quality of applications and have now curated a list of work that I believe will make a truly inspiring show that is both directional and commercial. My criteria; does the image represent the title and text and will it connect with the viewing public as part of a coherent show. From the long list there was lots of  ‘I’ll sleep on that image’ ‘oh that’s beautiful…’  and then as these things have a habit of doing so, the list fell into place.

Photography is represented by:

Andy White, Asmita Kapadia, Caroline Collett, Christine Santostefano, Gina Williams, Tricia Scott, Rachael Talibart, Sam Rose, Steven Cook, Stephen Banks, Martin Gillman, Jenifer Bunnett, Martí Andinach, Rob Coombe, Geoffrey Beer, Ollie Taylor, Pete Hackett, Tony Antoniou. 


Fiona Roberts, Paula Youens, Chelsea Davine, Odile Moreno, Max Woodruff, Michelle Frederick, Gregory Wellman, Louise Bougourd.

If you for whatever reason you missed the deadline but would like to have some work exhibited then please do not be disheartened as we always have images in stock and hang like an art fair so when something has sold we replace. If you would like to have images printed then contact us through and I can discuss which images I feel would be good to have in stock and also to show in our gallery in Spain see our previous blog for details.

Over the coming weeks leading up to and including the show we will post your submission text and images as blog posts and across social media. Please tweet and share across your own platforms and encourage friends and clients to buy your work as this is fundamentally a partnership and the more we support each other and drive traffic to the site the more we all benefit. I know I’m a stuck record but the people who put the Shed link to their profile on their own personal websites, facebook etc really are the ones who sell well online.

Congratulations to those of you selected and look forward to seeing the work altogether!

Chelsea Davine
creative director | the shed gallery