Broadchurch and the Jurassic Art Trail exhibitions


With under two weeks to go we are now in the final stages of prepping and planning our Broadchurch exhibition in West bay and have installed the Jurassic Art Trail around West Bay harbour earlier this week.

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch with ideas, art work, text and images.  Stephen and Chelsea have had a hard time choosing from the 190 submissions and if we could hang them all we would!

“Broadchurch and its Landscape” in the Salt House, West Bay, Dorset will run from Friday 1st of May till Monday 4th May and will open 10:30 – 17:30.

The Jurassic Art Trail will be on display until mid May in West Bay. 

The photographer’s chosen for the art trail are Andy White, Pete Hackett, Sam Rose, Nathalie Roberts, Stephen Banks, Ollie Taylor, Rob Nolan and Bob Healey. 

The trail consists of large images situated around West Bay with each image being duplicated in the Broadchurch exhibition in the Salt House.

To complete the Broadchurch show will be drawings/prints by Paula Youens, sculpture by Pete Hackett and further images by Charles Headey, Catherine Gillingham, Rachael Talibart, Tricia Scott, Christine Santostefano, Sarah Broome, Gina Williams, Liz Shewan and Chelsea Davine.

We are delighted to announce that Chris Chibnall, the author of Broadchurch, will be officially opening the exhibition on Thursday the 30th April at 5pm, this is a great opportunity for a private view of the show before we open to the public the following day. 

On Saturday 2nd May at 7pm Stephen Banks will reprise his talk on “Astrophotography in and around the dark skies of Dorset” and John Wokersien, trustee and chair of the Jurassic Coast Communities Forum, will be taking about the “Importance of Communities to the Jurassic Coast”.

The Shed is a community as well as place to sell your work so even if you aren’t exhibiting but are on social media please share the event and come along to the exhibition.