Earth-Air-Fire-Water exhibition.

The Shed Gallery houses a myriad collection of images by photographers and artists from as far afield as Spain to as close to home as Lyme Regis.

Our creatives find inspiration in all aspects of life and this exhibition showcases the breadth of their work under the title Earth-Air-Fire-Water, and the work will be exhibited at the Town Mill Malthouse, Lyme Regis until the 1st September.

We asked our photographers and artists to send us submissions of how they interpreted the title and as always the responses were unexpected and wonderfully inspirational.

Fiery sunsets, ethereal night skies, rolling landscapes and stormy seas were submitted alongside the more surprising and subtle images. Paula Youens ran with the brief and found a ‘crying ‘ poster in the streets of France for water. Catherine Gillingham went abstract with the 300’ Fahrenheit where you can almost feel the molten heat. The sumptuous countryside in Nathalie Robert’s ‘First Cold’ is a perennial favourite in the gallery whereby Air in the still night skies of Lois Wakeman’s beautifully captured dusk over Portland Bill nestle quietly next to the technically breathtaking Astrophotography by Ollie Taylor and Stephen Banks.

The work exhibited here includes pieces by Anna Duckett, Andy White, Asmita Kapadia, Beatriz Chamussy, Bob Healey, Caroline Collett, Charles Headey, Guy Kirkham, Geoffrey Beer, Gina Williams, Liz Shewan, Maisie Hill, Matt Pinner, Paul Newman, Paul Taylor, Pete Hackett, Rosie Mathisen, Sam Rose, Susan Furber, Tim Starkey and Tricia Scott.

We are also delighted to be showing for the first time in the UK work by Cristian Sainz whose stunning Cloud paintings have been shown in Paris and Barcelona and the allegorical photography of Andrea Torres Balaguer. We have illustration and drawings by Odile Moreno Sanchez and Ana de Lima originally from Galicia who is now based in Germany. We have paintings by Fiona G Roberts, Jacquelyn Beggs and our curator Chelsea Davine.


Our Mission

Our aim is to curate a beautiful exhibition of affordable artwork and photography. The pop up exhibitions we hold throughout the year provide an opportunity for our creatives to exhibit their work alongside other professional and working photographers and artists as well as selling directly to the public. All the work in the show can be bought and taken home today and can also be ordered in different sizes or formats. We hold a stock of further images and artwork too. Please ask if you are interested in seeing an extended portfolio by any of the creatives we have on display here or in our online gallery which can be ordered here and now or later at home.

If you are interested in taking part in an exhibition or showing your work online in the gallery then please contact a member of staff and we can explain how you do so, or pick up a flyer and go to the website to sign up for a profile with us.