Just A Walk In The Park – Day 2.

​ Day 2-

After a great breakfast in the amazing Old Post Office in Worth Matravers I set off. The weather had taken a change for the worse and so to had the route. I made a school boy error and planned this leg to be on a Sunday when the path was open. However they were closed due to the Firing ranges being open. As I didn’t want to become tank fodder I decided to take a detour. So I would carry on around the coast path before heading inland to Corfe Castle and from there to Wareham where I could get the train! I would be a few miles short for that leg but would make it up over the next three days. I really didn’t want to get the train but, the only other option was to walk 32 miles in one day which would have been a little too much.

High On The Hill by Matthew Wardle

High On The Hill by Matthew Wardle

My first stop was St Aldhams Head. it has a fully functioning chapel which dates back to 1271 and is on the edge of a pretty step drop. Saying that it is a beautiful location!

From here came my first serious climb.

It was around 150 feet down and 160 feet up. The path took me towards Chapmans Pool. A location I had photographed a few times so I decided to carry on as I wanted to get to get away from the weather that was heading my way.

After a few hours walking I came to the village of Corfe Castle. And it was at this point the weather came in.

Being a Mancunian I am aware of rain. But I was a little out in the open here. My waterproof gear was doing a good job but my shoes were now letting in water. However I walked on. I spotted a sign for the Purbeck Way and from there found a sign which made me happy. ‘ Wareham 8 miles’. 2 and half hours walking and I would be there. I was still very much enjoying myself, even if I was getting drenched. The good news was the paths were quiet so i was happily playing my MP3 while singing along to the Foals new album. To be honest I didn’t care if anyone did hear me as I thought I was doing a pretty good rendition.

After 4 miles in I made a wrong turn and was in the middle of private woodland. I traced my steps back and found the right path and then, from nowhere two Red Stags ran out in front of me. They stopped and starred me out. They were not moving so I backed away slowly. The seemed a little less tense and as we are close to the rutting season I did not want to push them. I noticed a field and on the other side of that I spotted a path to where my route should of taken me. As I walked to the path the Stags started to follow me only now they gained numbers and were all watching me like a gang urging me off their side of the street! I had to get a quick shot and pulled my camera out of the dry sack

I love nature and for me that was amazing. Even as I see deer all the time in the New Forest it was a great sight to be that close to them knowing that they are in control of that area and I was clearly not wanted.

My walk carried on taking me through heathland and woodland and with the distant sound of gun fire coming from the ranges I knew I had made the right choice!

I reached Wareham wet, hungry and happy and jumped on the train to Weymouth.

I may of not reached mile target mileage but I did have an adventure!!