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Earth Air Fire Water Exhibition 2015

Earth Air Fire Water Exhibition 2015

With Autumn firmly upon us its time to take stock of the summer months and move into the new season. 

Firstly we would like to welcome our most recent creatives to the Shed and hope you’ve all had a chance to look through their portfolios and leave a supportive comment and follow them on their social media too. Those of you who have sold recently please make sure you keep your profiles current and fresh with new work and publicise that your work is out their on someone’s wall! Please add key words and full descriptions to the images, a carefully curated portfolio of strong work is much more interesting to the buying public. However ‘ideas’ or ‘inspiration’ can be tagged as such in separate collections. It is also important to note to upload the highest resolution possible (without private water marks) even of print work, illustration or paintings. Only 15 images scroll through in any given collection.

When you delete an image from a portfolio it remains in the main gallery, this is because we often get enquires once an image has ‘disappeared’ trust me there is a LONG gap between someone seeing an image and committing to buy. However please contact me if there is an image that you really don’t want in the gallery and it can be removed.

Our annual group Summer Show inspired by the Elements EARTH – AIR – FIRE – WATER was a huge success with hundreds of new and repeat visitors. We sold an incredibly wide range of photography, illustration and original artwork. Our community participated with their usual enthusiasm and got to meet one another. It’s always great to put a warm and friendly face to a name seen only on the website. A special mention goes to Paula Youens for her unwavering support and hours spent in the gallery with me selling everyone’s work with the same passion as if it were her own.

Now is the time to capitalise on all that goodwill and reflect on the important feedback from the show and as we finalise the last orders we can turn our attention to the coming months and how to sell more work.

As we move forward it is imperative that you let people know about where they can buy your work. Behind the scenes we do what we can to contact and establish new clients and deal with the logistics for you but the hard sell does need to also come from yourselves. Friends and family will buy from you especially if you show them the final product printed or mounted on the aluminium. The wider public will also buy if you target them directly and show a keen interest in your own work by putting on exhibitions, giving talks and so on. Invite people round for dinner and let them see how fantastic your work looks on the wall in your own home. Go big, most of the images from our show that sold were the 90cm x 60cm images. The photography sings when given space.

I know I am a stuck record about this but modern photography has moved far away from standard A4 prints in black frames. Believe me, it’s the thing nearly every discerning visitor to our exhibitions says: ‘What a relief no hideous nasty frames – How modern they look- Wow how affordable in such a large size’. I couldn’t agree more, Aluminium is by far and away the most stylish way of displaying your work, unless is it framed professionally. Be aware of cheap frames…Think carefully about the print and frame, should it have a large border, white frame, floating, group a series and so on. We have added photo prints to the products we can supply, which can be printed in any size depending on the image selected – your potential customer can find this by selecting the photo print option on the image they would like to purchase.

In all the major exhibitions there is a balance between framed and on aluminium from David Hockney to Ai Weiwei. If you take the expense, care and trouble over your work then it will be more likely to connect with the viewing and more importantly buying public.

An example of a group of images by Ai Weiwei

An example of a group of images by Ai Weiwei

We will be opening our Artist of the Week from mid October so if you have something you would like to publicise and have us focus on your work for a week then let us know. We will need 1 blog post as a minimum. We will then make a selection. If the rest of the community could then leave a comment and share on social media that persons work that would be much appreciated.

Thank you again for being part of our growing community and we look forward to having a productive and creative autumn with lots of lovely new images!