Andy Lyons, Shed Artist of the Week.

My road into the photography world has only just begun though I’m hoping it is going to be a long and successful one.
I’m quite a techno geek, by that what I really mean is that I love my toys and that’s how the photography thing began. I bought a Nikon D3200 a few years ago with the main aim behind this being to try and highlight the work we as volunteers do on the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) charity saving lives at sea. A fellow lifeboat crew member based down in Torbay (Nigel Millard) was busy publicising the work with dramatic shots at sea during rescues and training exercises and has subsequently published a book about it. This was my initial idea too, albeit on a much smaller scale. However, trying to hold on to a camera and not fall over the side of the boat is certainly challenging so while you may not see that many pictures on here currently involving the lifeboat its not through a lack of trying!
With this all in mind landscape and seascape photography was starting to take over my mind set. I live in a beautiful part of the world and so try to publicise that to others to appreciate. I think we take for granted where we live sometimes.
A splash at the Banjo by Andy Lyons

A splash at the Banjo by Andy Lyons

The first picture that had some ‘wow’ to it was caught the day after a storm had gone threw, the clouds were clearing away, the sun was rising and the occasional wave would smash against the end of the ‘Banjo Pier’ in Swanage – I captured this one shot, hand held and on a programmed setting on the camera. People still comment on this shot but nearly two years down the line I look at it and know given the chance I could do it so much better, partly because of new camera and lenses!
There’s a certain amount of ‘copying’ within the photo industry, I think that’s a given and probably has been and always will be and I’ve certainly learnt an awful lot from others in the area. I’m lucky enough to be friends with Andy Farrer who has just been awarded the Landscape Photographer of the year award who’s work I’ve studied, read his blogs and been lucky enough to shoot with on occasions.
That all said, I do love to get a shot that no-on else can get which got me thinking of how can I get a shot that no-one else can get. One idea I had was during the exceptionally strong tides which married up nicely with sunrise for an idea at Old Harry Rocks. The rock formations there have been photographed millions of times I expect but after a 3.30am Sunday morning alarm call, long and slippery walk I was greeted with this superb opportunity to shoot it all from the base of the cliffs instead of above it! We have done plenty of training on the lifeboats there and have clambered around the cliff bases so I had an idea of what I wanted and thankfully it all married up nicely.
I’ve had so many nice comments on this picture but the one comment that comes across a lot is the fact that you feel as if you are actually there looking through the arch! Nice comments and positive feedback is always nice to hear but one thing I like most about this picture is that no one can try to replicate it…. well not till next August at least 🙂
Where my onward journey in the photography world takes me who knows….. I just hope it has a slightly different or unique flavour to it mixed with some of the ‘classics’ that ultimately people will appreciate (and perhaps buy from the Shed Gallery of course 🙂 )