Over in an INSTANT.

Well, wow! What an amazing exhibition! However there’s no time to relax and bask in our sales its time to push on and make the most of the momentum and potential clients looking at the site, measuring up for that space they’ve now decided that needs a piece of artwork, searching for that perfect piece!

Cobb long exposure by Benjitas Photography

Cobb long exposure by Benjitas Photography

SOLD AT INSTANT: Cobb long exposure by Benjitas Photography
Here is an example of the kind of email we receive. If you have any images that fit this enquiry then please upload to your profile and let me know once you have done so.

Dear Chelsea,

You may remember last Saturday at the Malthouse Gallery we discussed some possibilities for displaying artwork in my micropub in Bridport. Thanks for taking time to chat regarding the various options. I’m interested in:

– Local seascapes and landscapes
– Fishing harbours/villages
– Historical prints of Bridport and West Bay. I would love to have a few permanent pieces showing activity in the town from years ago. Black and white. Rope/net making, markets other industry etc
– Farming in Dorset/over the ages/ rare breeds (Dorset horn sheep etc)
– Finally, any work whatsoever you may have showing beer brewing and cider making throughout the ages.

As part of our service we deal with these requests, print and install on your behalf.

Fly Me To The Moon by Guy Kirkham

Fly Me To The Moon by Guy Kirkham

SOLD AT INSTANT: Fly Me To The Moon by Guy Kirkham

If you haven’t read then please do read our blog on ‘The Golden Rules of Selling your work’.  This is especially important to our most recent sign ups. So while we deal with your orders that have come through online or from house visits it is imperative you make sure of the following lessons we’ve learned:

  • Check all spelling the Cobb has two b’s and many times I’ve missed including an image for a potential client that I’ve come across later because when I typed in the key word ‘Cobb’  into the search bar (for example) it didn’t come up.
Opium poppy by Jo Stephen

Opium poppy by Jo Stephen

SOLD AT INSTANT: Opium poppy by Jo Stephen

  • Tag and Title you know, I know, Corfe Castle is in Dorset, but does the German tourist who came into the exhibition know? Have as many as you like but be imaginative! Complete descriptions are incredibly important as are individual titles, its very hard for me to know which Corfe Castle a client likes if all 15 are titled the same. I recognise it can be laborious but it is absolutely essential.
  • 15 images per portfolio people get tired scrolling through multiple images and its hard to keep track of which image did catch your eye when scrolling through if there are any more.
  • Call to action tell everyone as many times as you can about your sales, which ones they were, why you chose it, what size sold, how affordable and efficient the process is, why you think your future client would want it themselves. Copy the URL and email your latest additions to your portfolios. Ask peoples’ opinion, do they like it and why! Start a conversation, get the public involved in your work. I always ask someone who comes in ‘Has something caught your eye?’ even if they are not looking to buy because they may be persuaded to later or just sew that seed of interest. It can’t hurt!
Durdle Door sunburst by Shaun Jacobs

Durdle Door sunburst by Shaun Jacobs

SOLD AT INSTANT: Durdle Door sunburst by Shaun Jacobs

Many of you have asked for more exhibitions. We are more than happy to find venues and work in tandem for more events so get in touch with your proposals!

Once again, these shows are only ever as successful as they are because of your hard work and talent. Well done to everyone involved!

Chelsea and Ben.