Chris White photography exhibition at the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery.

Community Gallery at the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery (IMAG) [Castle Wynd, Inverness, IV2 3EB] This is situated right by the entrance to the building, so the first thing people will see. The work will be on display from the 17th January until the 4th March

The project was born out of a desire to spend an extended period of time photographing landscapes in one specific area. Often my trips in the Scottish wilderness are fleeting, spending only a small amount of time in each place before moving on. The reason I decided upon the Cairngorms was that I regularly stopped off at Aviemore on route to other parts of Scotland and had not ventured too far from village always needing to head back for the night. The lure of the mountains has always been strong, but to get to the areas I wanted to explore and capture I would need to camp out. So I set myself the challenge of visiting each month during 2015 with the intention of spending at least 3 days out in the hills.

As the title suggests the exercise was a discovery. Exploring the physical area to get to know it it better – but also a self discovery. I had not previously camped in winter conditions, so needed to gain some vital winter skills and even hired local guides to accompany during the winter months. This companionship was welcome, as they provided some vital local knowledge, security of not being alone in some hostile conditions and also survival expertise. However once the snow and ice retreated, I took great pleasure in venturing out with no assistance. Some days I would not see another human being, leaving me free to explore and discover the land in my own way.
With my images I want to capture not only the physical beauty, but also the the feel of these mountains. With ever changing weather conditions The Cairngorms has a personality that ebbs and flows nearly by the hour, I ope my photographs go some way to represent this.

About the Exhibition at IMAG

With Inverness being the capital of the Highlands it is a great honour to display a selection Discovering Red, Green and Blue there. Because the gallery space is limited and the full collection quite extensive, editing down the images for display was difficult. When looking at the body of work as a whole, it was clear that showing the seasonal change was key to overall project. In addition, although I had taken a mixture of single frame and composite panoramic images, the panoramics represented the scale of the mountains far better than the single frame ones. With this in mind the collection ended up primarily consisting of panoramic images.

The Shed Photography print service

All the images for the exhibition were printed in house by the Shed Gallery using state-of-the-art print machines. These were produced and delivered to the gallery in time for the exhibition hang.  If you have any print requirements then feel free to get in touch directly with the Shed: