Golden Rules for Selling Photography and Artwork focus on Christmas

Now is the time of year when people start searching for unique presents for Christmas which means if you are a photographer or artist now is the time to get your work online ready to sell. If you are interested in selling your artwork then set up a profile in our gallery.

Photography is a beautiful gift, let people know how wonderful your work is. If you already have a portfolio in our gallery then take a some considered time to refresh, renew and upload work.

Once you commit to selling your images there are some ‘Golden Rules’ for selling your work. We have many years experience of dealing with both sides of the process as printers, artists, photographers and curators. The romantic idyll of being discovered in our studios by a benign wealthy benefactor or collector are long gone, now it is a game of hide ‘n’ seek in the vastness of the internet that can seem strangely intimate and also the loneliest space to occupy.

Here are a few guidelines to help you get ahead and hopefully be seen in amongst the millions of images out there.

Tag, tag, tag and imaginatively title your images.

A full description however over simplistic it may seem to you is incredibly important. ‘Tags” are embedded in the image and that is what the little spiders, both on our website and on google, search for.

You may know Corfe Castle is in Dorset but it doesn’t mean someone from Norfolk or Australia would. We deal with many enquiries via email and if the image isn’t well defined the client can forget which image it is or who by that they are interested in and they lose interest quickly. A great example of a well titled image is ‘Archway to Heaven’ which is memorable as well as a stunning image.

Two beautiful images recently sold by Shaun Jacobs

Durdle Door illumination by Shaun Jacobs

Durdle Door illumination by Shaun Jacobs






Corfe castle ancient misty castle by Shaun Jacobs

Corfe castle ancient misty castle by Shaun Jacobs



Be generous be Bold.

There is so much goodwill towards what you do either from friends or family or in our community. Engage with other photographers praise and share their work, ask advice and you’ll see how encouraging their response is. Ask questions about your own work, this is your free ‘market research’. Buy samples to decorate your home or office or give your work as a gift this Christmas. It will be the start of many conversations ‘Wow where can I buy another copy like that’ ‘I didn’t know you were a photographer’. Small A4 prints on aluminium make alternative Christmas ‘cards’ that will then be propped up on mantelpieces or kitchen windows for years. Photography cries out for being printed in large format. Our most popular sizes that we sell are 60cm x 90cm and they look stunning and elegant on aluminium which is waterproof, UV resistant and the modern way to show photography, what’s not to like in your sales pitch!

The Golden Rule and Social media.

The Internet is a wonderful time wasting, soul destroying, mystifying, potential market place. Social media is about directing traffic to your profile not away to further social media platforms, don’t give your client the opportunity to get distracted and click away to a video of kittens. Make every tweet, post, blog a ‘Call to Action’. It may seem trite but our motto is ‘Likes are Vanity, Sales are Sanity’. Every single time you post an image anywhere it is imperative that the link goes back to somewhere it can be bought from.Keep your public informed. Lean in, as the Americans say, point out in bold letters BUY this image HERE! Why else would you post on the Internet? To be copied to give your angles and ideas away? No, it’s to find a client. So before you post your new work, upload it first to your profile where it will be watermarked. Someone who is busy does not want to write an email asking if it is available to buy. If they have a query we are here to field those emails. Make it obvious and make it simple. Copy the URL from the top of your profile or the image itself and include it in the post.


Refresh your portfolios, show an interest in what you do. Keep your groups to no more than 15 images. If you have too many in any one portfolio the buying public lose interest and stop scrolling. Keep them well edited and short. This forces the viewing public to come back to the beginning or search for more. If you show enthusiasm in what you do this will show through your work and resonate with the buying public. You may only ever sell one image over and over again however it is the body of work around it that gives the buying public the confidence to invest in you and your story.

Love what you do.

This, above all, is what will make you successful!!