Happy New Year from the Shed!

The New Year has started as we left off with wonderful new work arriving in the gallery every day and clients buying beautiful artwork. Congratulations to Ian Holloway and Shaun Jacobs who have already made sales this year!!

Tracks by Ian Holloway

Tracks by Ian Holloway

Now is the time of year to refresh and double check some important details in your portfolios. Please take some time making sure of the following:

Every image you upload MUST be individually tagged and titled. This way the image will appear in the correct category in the gallery.

Make sure each image has a unique title. If you have multiple images within a similar portfolio with the same title its very hard for us to refer a potential client to one particular image if there are 5 or 6 images that vary slightly with the same title.

Keep your portfolios short and sweet with a maximum of 15 per portfolio. Feedback from potential clients is they get lost scrolling through too many images so it is better to divide in multiple portfolios rather than have too many in one.

Please make sure we follow you on social media and you us. Sometimes if your avatar is nothing like your name it is difficult to know we are following the right person!

Every time you upload an image to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or tell people your news of prizes, sales, exhibitions, trips and so on. Make sure you’ve uploaded the relevant images to your gallery page first. Then simply copy/paste the URL at the top of the image and attach to your tweet etc this way if someone falls in love with the image they can click through and buy it!

Durdle Door Sunburst by Shaun Jacobs

Durdle Door Sunburst by Shaun Jacobs

Most importantly tell us what you are up to, we are here to help you sell your work and the more personal we can make it the more it connects with the buying public.

Don’t be shy to tell people to buy your work, you’ll be surprised how many people post photography and artwork without giving a simple, easy way for it to be bought!

If you haven’t read them already read our Golden Rules for Selling article.