Sarah Broome – Shed Gallery Artist of the week

This week we are highlighting as our Artist of the Week the work of Sarah Broome.

As she says in her profile that ‘I lost my mojo but now I’m back’. It is not always easy being continuously creative. Sometimes ideas need to bubble away under the surface and then somehow something sparks an idea and then away you go.

The Sentry by Sarah Broome

Her new series of ‘Postcards from Home‘ combines her love of photography superimposing images that speak of a beloved means of communication that has become all but redundant. Radiohead used to have as one of their riders (requests whilst on tour) postcards with stamps attached to send home to let family know where they were!

A Winter’s Day by Sarah Broome

A few words from Sarah:

Over the past two years I have mainly been working on a small scale. The first time in 30 odd years of picking up a paint brush and exploring where I left off after leaving school.

During those years I had mainly been occupied with a love for photography. As the years passed I began to feel that something was missing, that I needed something more. I began searching for other mediums that could be used to combine and solidify a desire to capture the landscape that surrounds me. I began with watercolour pens and progressed to oils with acrylics and pastels in between. My first attempts with oils were really bad so I stopped. Trying to find my way with a little help from my artist brother and a few words of advice from artist friends. I mainly concentrated with getting to grips with the bare bones, back to the drawing board so to speak!

Gorse in the Landscape by Sarah Broome

The past year has been all about exploration of abilities. Working small scale with soft pastels, acrylic inks, charcoal and so on. And then it happened. I had previously purchased two large canvases in a sale and had done nothing with them. I wasn’t ready to go large at that time. Until recently they had sat in the studio untouched and still wrapped in their cellophane. Last weekend I had an epiphany and in a whim I decided it was time!
When I finished Through the Meadows I sat back and looked at it in wonder, had I really just created that?

Through the Meadows by Sarah Broome

To say I was shocked with myself would be an understatement. The feedback I received fro an artist community on a social media platform was overwhelming. Since that first tiny step I have produced two more large pieces and I want/need to produce more! Everything I have been making over the past two years has led me to where I am now.

Happy New Year!

The Shed team wish you all a Happy New Year as we get back into a daily routine after the Christmas break.

Now is a good time to add new work and move around your portfolios. Think about the motivation the public will have in buying a print. As decorations come down people think about redecorating and filling those spaces on the wall with something new and fresh.

There are a few apps in Instagram that help place your image in a room such as artroomsapp – this helps buyers visualise the image in situ. Think about creating portfolios that are focused on macro, monochrome, colour, abstract not simply landscape or of places. Look around you at restaurants, hotels and public spaces and see what they have on the wall to guide you. Also please remember to only put 15 images in each portfolio.

If you are happy to work on commission then push this side of your work. Nina Tinson is now in discussion with a client to photograph her Highland Cattle! Sounds like a fun project and we’ll let you know how it goes!

Shropshire ponies by Nina TinsonShropshire ponies by Nina Tinson

We can’t wait to see your new work from the holidays, if you would like us to share it on social media or the blog then write an email (once the images are in the gallery) send the links and we’ll help you promote your work to our followers and clients.

Chelsea and Ben