Welcome to the Shed Gallery

We’d like to welcome our new creatives to the Shed Gallery.

Their work covers Landscape, Macro, Street portraiture and lots of lovely dogs! Take some time to look at their portfolios and leave a comment of encouragement or buy a print of their work by simply choosing the size of image and mount required next to the photograph.

Felicity Huggins

Gathering Bumble Bee by Felicity Huggins


John Hodgetts

Venaria Reale by John Hodgetts


Stef van Vuuren

Sunrise Tree by Stef van Vuuren


Neil (Shello) Sheldon

Sunrise reflections. by Neil (Shello) Sheldon


Getting ready for the Christmas rush!

Time for some housekeeping before the push for Christmas.

Before our busy time of year there are some really important things to do to help the buying public choose one of your prints above any other gift this year.

Get your portfolios in order

If you already have a portfolio in our gallery then take some considered time to refresh, renew and upload work. Make sure you go into each image and ‘tag’ it so it appears in the correct category such as Landcape.

Link to the Shed from your own website

Let people know if you have your own site that whereas they may be able to buy a framed print from you directly they can buy a simple photographic print or more importantly a print mounted on aluminium from the gallery.

Tell us your news!

Chelsea needs content to push your work. Send her a concise email with a link to a new portfolio, news of exhibitions, trips, sales and so on: chelsea@theshedphotography.com

Social media is key

If you have a social media account then make sure we follow you and vice versa. Instagram is the best market place to show your photography so if you aren’t sure which one to spend time on we would suggest that that is the one to concentrate on. However it is imperative you always say where the work can be BOUGHT from or it’s a wasted effort. Also make sure you follow fellow Shed exhibitors so we can extend our community.

Show your artwork in context

Print some of your own images for your home and when people come around they will see it and we are sure will say ‘Oh I’d love one of those’ it works, trust us!

Photography is a beautiful gift

On the other hand let people know how wonderful your work is by giving it as a gift this Christmas. It could be a memory of a special place, holiday…

Email Marketing

Sign up for a Mailchimp account and send out your own mailings showing new work, the product we make and your news. Start with friends and family and branch out by collecting interested buyers a periodic newsletter.

We have an extensive blog so check it out our top tips for The Golden Rules of Selling and for images of how the artwork looks installed and on display.

Let’s make this Christmas the year of gifting photography and artwork!!

Chelsea and Ben

Our Shed Story

This month we would like to introduce our new exhibitors to the gallery! Welcome to the Shed: Felicity Huggins, Nina Tinson, Cathy Warne, Murray Batley, John T Photo, Janine Williams, Jennie McGinley and Vicky Rehbein. It’s great to see how your portfolios are taking shape and what inspires you all.

Many of you may not know our story of why we began the Shed Gallery so we’d like to take a few minutes to introduce ourselves.

My name is Chelsea and I’m a professional artist and I run the creative side of the gallery, curating images, helping photographers and clients. Ben runs the production and printing side of the gallery.

We began the project over 5 years ago as I had spotted that in many galleries photography was being shown on floating, frameless aluminium boards. I thought what a wonderful idea and when I had a commission for the Regina Hotel in Barcelona to create a corridor or abstract images of the city this was the perfect, affordable solution. The prints were elegant and wipe clean, the designer was delighted.

Faded Tulip by Cathy Warne

Faded Tulip by Cathy Warne

Faded Tulip by Cathy Warne

Months later I was being asked were I got them printed. Ben and I decided that it was something we could offer other photographers and artists as people also wanted to buy prints of sold paintings or couldn’t afford an original and so started the Shed. This gallery is an opportunity for both the amateur and professional photographer or artist to sell professionally printed artwork without the hassle that can come from dealing with the many processes of getting a print to a client.

Lost by Owen Vachell

Lost by Owen Vachell

Lost by Owen Vachell

So make the most of your portfolios in the gallery. Tell us your news and all about you. I need content to push your work. Send me a concise email with a link to a new portfolio, news of exhibitions, trips, sales and so on.

We’ll be posting our top tips for getting ready for Christmas. I know, I know it seems early, but it’s not!

Chelsea Davine

Tip 4: Stand out from the Crowd.

If you really want to stand out on social media, we recommend giving collectors some context by showing your artwork on a wall or in a gallery.

Channel your individuality into your work. Building a signature sense of style. It’s important to give your work some context by showing pieces on your studio wall or in a gallery or even of where you’ve been to take the image. Most of all, be persistent with your own marketing efforts and showing off new work as well as you can.

Follow Chris White’s example (above) by looking for venues to exhibit your work. There is no substitute for the buying public seeing the image on the wall and being able to imagine where they can hang it in their home.

Please contact us directly through the Print my Pictures page on our website.  We can manage all of your print requirements in-house with our large format printers. We look forward to hearing from you!

Tip 3: Promote Your Work On Social Media

The Shed Gallery encourages its artists and photographers to use social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to share and promote their artwork.

Burst Banks of the Spey by Chris White

Burst Banks of the Spey by Chris White

These platforms are about leading people back to your gallery profile not away to other social media. They should funnel potential clients to a place from which your work can be ordered. Make it easy for collectors from all over the world to buy a print of your work by including your portfolio link from the Shed Gallery on your own website, blog, or business cards as well as your social media profiles. It is all about making a sale with just a couple of clicks and we will do the rest for you.

Make every tweet and post count with a positive ‘Call to Action’: BUY ME HERE.

Crummock Water by Chris White

Crummock Water by Chris White

Whenever you upload a new collection let your followers know. Be interested in other accounts and tell them where they can see your work too, the more traffic we push towards the main gallery the better for all our community.