Happy New Year from the Shed!

The New Year has started as we left off with wonderful new work arriving in the gallery every day and clients buying beautiful artwork. Congratulations to Ian Holloway and Shaun Jacobs who have already made sales this year!!

Tracks by Ian Holloway

Tracks by Ian Holloway

Now is the time of year to refresh and double check some important details in your portfolios. Please take some time making sure of the following:

Every image you upload MUST be individually tagged and titled. This way the image will appear in the correct category in the gallery.

Make sure each image has a unique title. If you have multiple images within a similar portfolio with the same title its very hard for us to refer a potential client to one particular image if there are 5 or 6 images that vary slightly with the same title.

Keep your portfolios short and sweet with a maximum of 15 per portfolio. Feedback from potential clients is they get lost scrolling through too many images so it is better to divide in multiple portfolios rather than have too many in one.

Please make sure we follow you on social media and you us. Sometimes if your avatar is nothing like your name it is difficult to know we are following the right person!

Every time you upload an image to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or tell people your news of prizes, sales, exhibitions, trips and so on. Make sure you’ve uploaded the relevant images to your gallery page first. Then simply copy/paste the URL at the top of the image and attach to your tweet etc this way if someone falls in love with the image they can click through and buy it!

Durdle Door Sunburst by Shaun Jacobs

Durdle Door Sunburst by Shaun Jacobs

Most importantly tell us what you are up to, we are here to help you sell your work and the more personal we can make it the more it connects with the buying public.

Don’t be shy to tell people to buy your work, you’ll be surprised how many people post photography and artwork without giving a simple, easy way for it to be bought!

If you haven’t read them already read our Golden Rules for Selling article.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

As we send out the last images of 2016 we would like to take this opportunity to wish all our photographers, artists and clients a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Ullswater View by Phil Buckle.

Ullswater View by Phil Buckle.

We look forward to working with you in 2017 helping to plan your exhibitions, printing your work and seeing new work in the gallery.

Corfe Castle by Guy Kirkham

Corfe Castle by Guy Kirkham

Our printers will be closed from Saturday 24th of December through to the 3rd of January 2017 however we will still be taking orders online over the holidays. The website will be fully operational so you can continue to update your profiles and edit your images.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the Shed Gallery.


As we draw to the end of another fantastic year we would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year. 

Our printers deserve a rest and will have some time off from the 23rd December to the 4th January.

Your website and profile will remain active and accessible over the holidays for you to update, edit and take some time to look at and comment on your fellow Shed community. Orders can still be made but won’t be processed until after the 4th.

Our info email will also be active but responses may not be as immediate as usual during this period.

Looking back we have once again met and started to work with some incredibly talented photographers and sold some challenging images as well as the usual favourites both from the exhibitions and online. We also welcome to our community our most recently signed up creatives and send out a huge thank you to those of you who’ve been with us since the beginning and that make working on this project so much fun!

Our Artist of the Week will begin again around the 18th of January so if you have any plans or news then send it through and we can discuss helping you promote the event.

All that’s left is to say we hope you find time to go out and explore and find more dazzling images to add to your collections!

Merry Christmas and we look forward to working with you again in 2016!!


Martí Andiñach Project

Martí Andiñach is a young photography graduate from Barcelona who specialises in portrait and documentary photography. His work is stunning and rich in depth and tone. Martí has begun a ‘Crowdfunding’ project to help him set up a photographic studio that specilaises in the wet collodion way of photographic printing. This process was developed in the 1850’s and used glass and created beautifully detailed prints. It is barely used these days.

One of our main objectives in the Shed is to promote and support projects by amateur and professional photographers alike. We are delighted to use our contacts and social media presence to help him in his objective of raising €500 to start the project and wish him every success.

If you wish to know more about Martí and his work please follow the link below.

www.martiandinach.com co-fundador de www.amoralart.cat




Martí Andiñach es un joven fotógrafo de Barcelona, especializado en retratos i fotografía documental.

Activo y emprendedor, Martí  propone un crowdfunding con el objetivo de  conseguir el dinero necesario para poder terminar de montar un laboratorio-estudio con el que poder recuperar el uso de una técnica fotográfica “colodión húmedo”, técnica fotográfica  utilizada en el SXIX y actualmente casi olvidada.

Ya que la Shed Gallery tiene como función principal promover a fotógrafos y  sus trabajos, y dar a conocer a artistas a través de las redes sociales, nos solidarizamos con Martí  y damos difusión a su proyecto.
Si queréis saber más sobre este proyecto y/o contribuir a que se pueda realizar consultar:   http://www.potlatch.es/proyecto/191

co-fundador de www.amoralart.cat



The last month at The Shed Photography…

What a busy month we’ve had getting to know our most recent sign ups Rachael Talibart, Daren Griffin, Steve Dodd and most recently Christine Santostefano. They each bring a unique view of the world and there are many images among their portfolios that I wish I had taken.  Daren’s lanterns make me think of the Romanovs banqueting and dancing beneath the gently swaying lights, to Rachael’s stunning landscapes of which I wish I could emulate.

Steve Dodd - Poppy Seedhead

Steve Dodd - Poppy Seedhead

Then Steve’s macro Poppy Seedhead would provide me with ample inspiration for a painting and Christine’s ‘Ice-cream anyone’ could be a David Lynch film set, just wonderful!  Remember you can leave comments on other photographer’s walls and also share on Facebook and tweet their work with just a click. When your image has been mentioned it will appear in the community tab, so don’t forget to look every now and then.  Please take some time to view the other profiles and begin conversations – it is enormously encouraging and helps to build our community spirit.  A special thank you to Rachael for all her contributions.

Christine Santostefano - Ice cream anyone? Maybe not....

Christine Santostefano - Ice cream anyone? Maybe not....

We are also gradually introducing new features that will improve the site.  You may have noticed you can now view your own statistics when you log on.  It provides interesting viewing and is only seen by yourself, although the public can now see how many times your profile has been viewed and also the individual images themselves.  Please remember our sister website, the Shed Photography shop site, has the ability to sell any ORIGINAL pieces you may have be they old prints, framed prints, jewellery, ceramics, sculpture, drawings, prints, paintings – in fact anything you make!  So please give some thought to adding those things and in plenty of time before Christmas when we will promote them for people to come to the site to buy original work, as well as work printed by us, as gifts.

Rachael Talibart - Last light at Kimmeridge

Rachael Talibart - Last light at Kimmeridge

Emma has written a lovely piece for the blog about her inspiration as Artist of the Week (AOTW) – I know many of you have read it, as you often tell me, but also please let the artist themselves know what you think too.  In the coming weeks Caroline Collet is going to write a piece for the blog about some fabulous images she found in a book from the 70’s, Paula Youens is writing a piece about drawing and the workshops she’s recently taken part in, I’m currently thinking about censorship in photography, Michelle Frederick about her cameras made from reclaimed materials, Lottie Heffer about her jewellery making which she learnt from her mother the renowned jeweller Julia Richmond and Rachael would like to contribute a piece about her current work on her own blog.  If any of you would like to promote or write a piece no matter how small just drop me a line and I will put it in for you.

We are an inspiring, diverse, passionate community.  Keep creating and remember we’ll do all the boring stuff for you!