Over in an INSTANT.

Well, wow! What an amazing exhibition! However there’s no time to relax and bask in our sales its time to push on and make the most of the momentum and potential clients looking at the site, measuring up for that space they’ve now decided that needs a piece of artwork, searching for that perfect piece!

Cobb long exposure by Benjitas Photography

Cobb long exposure by Benjitas Photography

SOLD AT INSTANT: Cobb long exposure by Benjitas Photography
Here is an example of the kind of email we receive. If you have any images that fit this enquiry then please upload to your profile and let me know once you have done so.

Dear Chelsea,

You may remember last Saturday at the Malthouse Gallery we discussed some possibilities for displaying artwork in my micropub in Bridport. Thanks for taking time to chat regarding the various options. I’m interested in:

– Local seascapes and landscapes
– Fishing harbours/villages
– Historical prints of Bridport and West Bay. I would love to have a few permanent pieces showing activity in the town from years ago. Black and white. Rope/net making, markets other industry etc
– Farming in Dorset/over the ages/ rare breeds (Dorset horn sheep etc)
– Finally, any work whatsoever you may have showing beer brewing and cider making throughout the ages.

As part of our service we deal with these requests, print and install on your behalf.

Fly Me To The Moon by Guy Kirkham

Fly Me To The Moon by Guy Kirkham

SOLD AT INSTANT: Fly Me To The Moon by Guy Kirkham

If you haven’t read then please do read our blog on ‘The Golden Rules of Selling your work’.  This is especially important to our most recent sign ups. So while we deal with your orders that have come through online or from house visits it is imperative you make sure of the following lessons we’ve learned:

  • Check all spelling the Cobb has two b’s and many times I’ve missed including an image for a potential client that I’ve come across later because when I typed in the key word ‘Cobb’  into the search bar (for example) it didn’t come up.
Opium poppy by Jo Stephen

Opium poppy by Jo Stephen

SOLD AT INSTANT: Opium poppy by Jo Stephen

  • Tag and Title you know, I know, Corfe Castle is in Dorset, but does the German tourist who came into the exhibition know? Have as many as you like but be imaginative! Complete descriptions are incredibly important as are individual titles, its very hard for me to know which Corfe Castle a client likes if all 15 are titled the same. I recognise it can be laborious but it is absolutely essential.
  • 15 images per portfolio people get tired scrolling through multiple images and its hard to keep track of which image did catch your eye when scrolling through if there are any more.
  • Call to action tell everyone as many times as you can about your sales, which ones they were, why you chose it, what size sold, how affordable and efficient the process is, why you think your future client would want it themselves. Copy the URL and email your latest additions to your portfolios. Ask peoples’ opinion, do they like it and why! Start a conversation, get the public involved in your work. I always ask someone who comes in ‘Has something caught your eye?’ even if they are not looking to buy because they may be persuaded to later or just sew that seed of interest. It can’t hurt!
Durdle Door sunburst by Shaun Jacobs

Durdle Door sunburst by Shaun Jacobs

SOLD AT INSTANT: Durdle Door sunburst by Shaun Jacobs

Many of you have asked for more exhibitions. We are more than happy to find venues and work in tandem for more events so get in touch with your proposals!

Once again, these shows are only ever as successful as they are because of your hard work and talent. Well done to everyone involved!

Chelsea and Ben.

INSTANT – Shed Summer Exhibition

18th – 31st August 2016 Malthouse, Lyme Regis

Summer is coming and we are planning our group summer show. This year our title is INSTANT. Everyone who has a current Shed profile is eligible to apply for the exhibition. The inspiration behind our title this year is why in that particular instant you chose to click. Many of you take weeks or years planning and waiting for that moment when the sun or the stars align, the mist rises and the light is just so to take that shot. Or are you the spontaneous photographer, camera always in hand ready for the unexpected? Tell the audience your story, your inspiration behind that INSTANT.

North Poorton Rainbow by Kris Dutson

North Poorton Rainbow by Kris Dutson

If you wish to take part then please send Chelsea the following: a selection of 8 images from your profile with their URL link with a full explanation of the INSTANT behind the image.

Please tag each image selected (you do this by clicking onto the image and tagging it with relevant categories which then appear in the gallery) Two images will be chosen. These will be hung next to each other either in portrait of landscape format 90cm x 60cm, so please think of the pairing and how they will hang together. If you are successful then we will print these images. Please double check they are uploaded in the highest resolution possible and that they are watermark free. The makers, painters and printers please send me images of original artwork you wish to be considered and upload to the website in a quality that they can also be sold as prints.

Old Harry Can Break the Rules by John Fanning

Old Harry Can Break the Rules by John Fanning

You may have more images in the show. Those of you who have been to our exhibitions know our model is to take the images from the wall as they sell so if you wish to have s selection of other images to hang then please contact us to discuss a special exhibition printing rate, we are offering 35% off our normal website prices. If they don’t sell then they will be available for collection at the end of the show for you to show your clients/friends how fabulous your work looks printed and mounted or even have your own exhibition!

Closing date for entries is July 15th so you have time to plan and take/make some amazing work.

Beyond the Obvious

Tricia Scott and Lois Wakeman’s new show has now opened in the Town Mill’s Malthouse Gallery. “Beyond the Obvious” runs until Wednesday 16th September.

Tricia and Lois first met a few years ago, and soon discovered an eerily similar interest in subjects and techniques. Born several years and an eastern county apart, they have both washed up in Devon, and found their photographic twin!

The title of the exhibition comes from their fascination in seeing not just a pretty scene, but finding inspiration in intricacy, pattern, texture, shadow, reflection, symmetry, geometry, ripples, spots and dapples. Maths (chaos theory, turbulent flow, fractals and the Fibonacci sequence) can explain a lot of it for us, but dedication is necessary to find beauty in places that others might just pass by unseeing, eyes fixed firmly on the grand view.

Both Tricia and Lois live near the sea, so the coast – whether natural rocks, sand, seaweed, shells and waves or man-made rusty iron, hulls, sheds, ropes, and fishing paraphernalia – is a major source of material. Tricia is both a sailor and an avid traveller, so finds more far-flung locations to inspire her, but Lois spends nearly all her time near home and is constantly looking for new angles on familiar subjects, whether by the sea or in the beautiful hinterland of the Jurassic Coast.
Expect peeling paint, rust, lobster pots, corrugated iron, as well as more conventional subjects like shorelines, shadows, waves and reflections. Both figurative and abstract images will be featured. The exhibition is hung in sets of related images by both photographers, together with a small selection of earthenware pottery by Lois.

Earth-Air-Fire-Water exhibition.

The Shed Gallery houses a myriad collection of images by photographers and artists from as far afield as Spain to as close to home as Lyme Regis.

Our creatives find inspiration in all aspects of life and this exhibition showcases the breadth of their work under the title Earth-Air-Fire-Water, and the work will be exhibited at the Town Mill Malthouse, Lyme Regis until the 1st September.

We asked our photographers and artists to send us submissions of how they interpreted the title and as always the responses were unexpected and wonderfully inspirational.

Fiery sunsets, ethereal night skies, rolling landscapes and stormy seas were submitted alongside the more surprising and subtle images. Paula Youens ran with the brief and found a ‘crying ‘ poster in the streets of France for water. Catherine Gillingham went abstract with the 300’ Fahrenheit where you can almost feel the molten heat. The sumptuous countryside in Nathalie Robert’s ‘First Cold’ is a perennial favourite in the gallery whereby Air in the still night skies of Lois Wakeman’s beautifully captured dusk over Portland Bill nestle quietly next to the technically breathtaking Astrophotography by Ollie Taylor and Stephen Banks.

The work exhibited here includes pieces by Anna Duckett, Andy White, Asmita Kapadia, Beatriz Chamussy, Bob Healey, Caroline Collett, Charles Headey, Guy Kirkham, Geoffrey Beer, Gina Williams, Liz Shewan, Maisie Hill, Matt Pinner, Paul Newman, Paul Taylor, Pete Hackett, Rosie Mathisen, Sam Rose, Susan Furber, Tim Starkey and Tricia Scott.

We are also delighted to be showing for the first time in the UK work by Cristian Sainz whose stunning Cloud paintings have been shown in Paris and Barcelona and the allegorical photography of Andrea Torres Balaguer. We have illustration and drawings by Odile Moreno Sanchez and Ana de Lima originally from Galicia who is now based in Germany. We have paintings by Fiona G Roberts, Jacquelyn Beggs and our curator Chelsea Davine.


Our Mission

Our aim is to curate a beautiful exhibition of affordable artwork and photography. The pop up exhibitions we hold throughout the year provide an opportunity for our creatives to exhibit their work alongside other professional and working photographers and artists as well as selling directly to the public. All the work in the show can be bought and taken home today and can also be ordered in different sizes or formats. We hold a stock of further images and artwork too. Please ask if you are interested in seeing an extended portfolio by any of the creatives we have on display here or in our online gallery which can be ordered here and now or later at home.

If you are interested in taking part in an exhibition or showing your work online in the gallery then please contact a member of staff and we can explain how you do so, or pick up a flyer and go to the website to sign up for a profile with us.




Applications for the Shed Summer Show have now closed and we are delighted with the variety and quality of images submitted.

We are also pleased to be showcasing new talent from our Barcelona gallery. The photographer Andrea Torres Balaguer and painter Cristian Sainz as well as some of our most respected photographers Caroline Collett, Andy White, Paula Youens, Lois Wakeman among many others.

We will release the details of the chosen images over the course of the coming weeks.

Mermaid by Andrea Torres Balaguer

Mermaid by Andrea Torres Balaguer

The dates for this years show are Friday 21st August utill Tuesday the 1st September. 

We have been contacted by many of you wishing to submit limited edition pieces or have more than the images selected exhibited. If you missed the deadline please write to us with your proposal and we can make a selection that we will hold in stock during the show. Our selling shows mean we can rotate work and we are more than happy to introduce new pieces throughout the exhibition. Please write a short email titled ‘Summer Show late submissions’ with the URL links from your profile with prices. We are also happy to quote to print extra copies of the pieces selected. These will be considered up until July 31st please write to chelsea@theshedphotography.com

Portland Bill by Lois Wakeman

Portland Bill by Lois Wakeman

Please remember if you have any news you wish us to help promote then please write to info@theshedphotography.com.