Shed Summer Exhibition 13th – 16th July at the Salthouse, West Bay.

The closing date is fast approaching for our upcoming Shed Summer Exhibition 13th – 16th July at the Salthouse, West Bay.

Final selections are being made and submissions need to be finalised by Friday 16th of June and payments received by the 23rd June.

We will then send you your labels which need to be signed and returned as soon as possible.

Once chosen, please put your selection in a separate file titled Salthouse Exhibition. This way we can find the image quickly and easily if an order needs to be made from the show in a smaller or larger size or as a simple unmounted print. It is very important you start to promote the images and get your clients, friends and family along to the show or direct to the images in your profile. If you are on social media please help promote the exhibition too.

Time will fly between now and then and we are both looking forward to seeing you and your wonderful work in West Bay!

Ben and Chelsea

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Artist of the Week – Sam Rose.

There is a massive difference between your friends, family or a bunch of people on Flickr liking your photos, and somebody actually shelling out their hard earned cash on one and putting it on their wall.  I want to thanks Chelsea and Ben, and the whole Shed community (for we are greater than the sum of our parts!!) for helping that happen for me at the recent Broadchurch exhibition.

Brooding sky over East Cliff by Sam Rose

Brooding sky over East Cliff by Sam Rose

I have always taken photos, and always had an aspiration to ‘do it for a living’ in some form.  However, life – you know, mortgages, kids, eating, stuff like that – has always seemed to get in the way.  Seeing the Shed Exhibition in Lyme a few years ago, I talked to Chelsea, she suggested that I can do both; life, and showing / selling photos.  Of course she was right, and I have loved being  part of the Shed community since then.

Cobb waves by Sam Rose

Cobb waves by Sam Rose

Not only are the website and the exhibitions fantastic platforms for my work, but they have helped my photography develop.  Now that I am taking photos for a wider audience, I realise that they need to be better, both artistically, and in terms of responding to market demands.  I look back at the first few I put on the website, and can see how I have developed since then.

Seascape by Sam Rose

Seascape by Sam Rose

Being involved in the Broadchurch and Jurassic Coast exhibition at West Bay gave me some good insight into what is needed to put on a show, and thanks to that, and the generosity of a good friend, I now have the opportunity to put on an exhibition in Lyme Regis Museum (in the tiny top floor gallery) from June 28th to October 3rd.

Portland and the fleet by Sam Rose

Portland and the fleet by Sam Rose

The exhibition is entitled Coast Cliff and Crashing Waves and contains photos that I have taken between Abbotsbury and Beer along the spectacular Jurassic Coast, with a focus on the West Bay area.  The majority of images are very textural monochromes, showing the power of the sea, the weather and the majesty of the cliffs, but I have included others, including the image chosen to be on the front of the Shed website this week.  Please do come along, entrance to the Museum is very cheap and it is a fascinating place even without my photos (!).

Broadchurch and the Jurassic Art Trail exhibitions


With under two weeks to go we are now in the final stages of prepping and planning our Broadchurch exhibition in West bay and have installed the Jurassic Art Trail around West Bay harbour earlier this week.

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch with ideas, art work, text and images.  Stephen and Chelsea have had a hard time choosing from the 190 submissions and if we could hang them all we would!

“Broadchurch and its Landscape” in the Salt House, West Bay, Dorset will run from Friday 1st of May till Monday 4th May and will open 10:30 – 17:30.

The Jurassic Art Trail will be on display until mid May in West Bay. 

The photographer’s chosen for the art trail are Andy White, Pete Hackett, Sam Rose, Nathalie Roberts, Stephen Banks, Ollie Taylor, Rob Nolan and Bob Healey. 

The trail consists of large images situated around West Bay with each image being duplicated in the Broadchurch exhibition in the Salt House.

To complete the Broadchurch show will be drawings/prints by Paula Youens, sculpture by Pete Hackett and further images by Charles Headey, Catherine Gillingham, Rachael Talibart, Tricia Scott, Christine Santostefano, Sarah Broome, Gina Williams, Liz Shewan and Chelsea Davine.

We are delighted to announce that Chris Chibnall, the author of Broadchurch, will be officially opening the exhibition on Thursday the 30th April at 5pm, this is a great opportunity for a private view of the show before we open to the public the following day. 

On Saturday 2nd May at 7pm Stephen Banks will reprise his talk on “Astrophotography in and around the dark skies of Dorset” and John Wokersien, trustee and chair of the Jurassic Coast Communities Forum, will be taking about the “Importance of Communities to the Jurassic Coast”.

The Shed is a community as well as place to sell your work so even if you aren’t exhibiting but are on social media please share the event and come along to the exhibition.

Broadchurch Outdoor Exhibition – West Bay, Dorset.

We are excited to confirm details of our outdoor exhibition that will run alongside our ‘Broadchurch and its landscape’ exhibition in West Bay, Dorset over the May Day Bank Holiday.

This outdoor exhibition will be installed mid April and will run for a month in and around West Bay.

Chesil Sunset by Charles Headey

Chesil Sunset by Charles Headey

These images will create an art trail and be seen by thousands of visitors and act not only as a piece of public art but also as wonderful publicity for everyone in the Shed Gallery and also those involved in the exhibition. All the images will be titled and tagged with a QR code which leads directly back to the image on your profile for the public to be able to purchase straight away.

All submissions to the outdoor exhibition must be uploaded in the highest resolution possible, tagged JURASSIC COAST and BROADCHURCH with full descriptions of the influence and thought behind the image.

Both the outdoor art trail and Salthouse exhibition is open to everyone with a Shed Gallery profile.

The closing date for submissions is Sunday April the 12th.

As an online gallery we are always looking for ways to promote your work and help you sell and we firmly believe this is a unique opportunity we very much hope you will take advantage of.

Updates to the Shed Gallery and events for 2015

After the busy run up to Christmas with orders and enquiries January has given us some respite to catch our breath and plan for the year ahead.

We have begun our AOTW programme whereby we focus on an artist/photographer each week highlighting their work and asking them to contribute to the blog. This is a very popular way of getting people to look at your work and comment on your profiles. So far this year we have shown the work of Howard Kovach who creates really interesting digiart, his MM2 is one of our favourites.

MM 2 by Howard Kovach

MM 2 by Howard Kovach

This week is the photographer Matt Pinner. Matt has an extensive following on twitter and very cleverly takes screen shots of his images on the Homepage to show his followers with links through to the image and encouraging people to buy the image.

Sunrise over by Matt Pinner

Sunrise over by Matt Pinner

This is also a strategy Stephen Banks employs to spectacular effect which keeps our presses printing his work week on week. It cannot be understated how vital it is to add the link, key words with # tags and say clearly ‘click the link to buy’, it seems so simple but it can and does work. If you wish to be our AOTW on a specific week then please email us and we will see if we can schedule it in.

The feedback we have received from the buying public and our creatives on added functionality is now being implemented on the website. This week you may see blips and changes whilst they are being worked on and once they are completed and working we will let you know what has changed. The most important changes will be the products you can now but prints on. Whilst we firmly believe that aluminium is the future as seen in nearly all the contemporary art fairs and exhibitions from  David Hockney’s iPad drawings to Ai Wei Wei and Sebastiao Salgado there is a strong market for framed work which will be an in-house service.

Winter Skies Above East Cliff by Stephen Banks

Winter Skies Above East Cliff by Stephen Banks

Events for the coming the coming year will be a collective of Shed contributors in March in the new studio/gallery space in Barcelona, Spain. A ‘Broadchurch’ inspired exhibition in the Salthouse in West Bay itself in May and our annual Summer Exhibition in Lyme Regis over the August Bank Holiday. If you wish to be considered for any of these events then please make sure your collections are current and tagged once we announce the details over the coming weeks.

It’s going to be a busy and exciting year and both Ben and I look forward to working in partnership with you all to help promote and sell your work.

Chelsea and Ben