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Andy Dobson


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  • Posted on Mon 26th September 2016 by Chelsea Davine

    Hi Andy, with newly uploaded work please don't forget to tag all the image so they appear in the relevant categories in the gallery and on Google search.
  • Posted on Fri 12th February 2016 by Chelsea Davine

    Hi Andy, great to see your portfolios in the gallery. For them to appear on the homepage and in the gallery they need to be tagged.
    • Posted on Sat 13th February 2016 by Andy Dobson

      What do you mean by "tagged" Chelsea?
      • Posted on Mon 26th September 2016 by Chelsea Davine

        Hi Andy, you need to go into each image individually and then categories appear ie Water, Earth etc then click on each category that applies to that image


My name is Andy and I'm a keen landscape and seascape photographer. I've been taking photographs for over 40 years but only seriously for the last 3. 

I love travelling to nearby Dorset and further afield to Cornwall and am planning trips to both Wales and Scotland this year. The camera is always with me as I have learned that you never know when a stunning scene will be just around the next corner or over the next hill.

For me, photography is a way to show the fantastic countrysisde through my eyes and I'm a firm believer in getting the image right "in camera", not just creating an image with editing programs. Good lenses, good filters and a little fettle with Lightroom are all I use to create what you see here.


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