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Beatriz Chamussy


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  • Posted on Mon 22nd August 2016 by Beatriz Chamussy

    I've liked Swirlling by Silvia Ragel-Serrano.

  • Posted on Mon 22nd August 2016 by Beatriz Chamussy

    I've liked Urban Landscape #2 by Silvia Ragel-Serrano.

  • Posted on Tue 19th July 2016 by Chelsea Davine

    Hola Beatriz, no olvides de pon 'Recent Collection' para que salga en tu perfil. tambien tiene sentido repartir los imagenes en mas portfolios hasta 15 en cada una asi son mas facil a mirar todos de golpe.
  • Posted on Fri 24th July 2015 by Chelsea Davine

    I love your travel images, so well seen and brave to capture.

I see my life as an endless exploration. Photography and drawing have trained me to be awake, and to appreciate that reality keeps in secret a playful and vibrant dimension. While I observe the outside I learn who I am in the inside. Every new journey takes me not only to a physical location on the planet, but also to a location that is deep within my psyche.

I live in Barcelona, Spain. Everyday I combine my art exploration with my work as art therapist in private consultation. I enjoy to practice yoga and contact improvisation dance.


Commission types accepted

  • Photography
  • Paintings
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration

Commission days available


Commission price range

Prices from £50.00 to £2000.00.

I also work creating commissioned artworks. Often people have asked me to make a special art piece as a gift for friends or a meaningful image to decorate a wall in their house. I love to do this! It's very special to be able to translate in an image the story of a family, the love of a couple that is getting married, the birth of a little boy, the travels of an explorer, etc. 
Normally the process for a commissioned artwork occur like this: 
1) The collector contact me and describe the idea of what he/she wants. We work together to agree on: medium, price, dimensions, subject matter, color scheme and a timeline for completing the work (typically 2-4 weeks).
2) Prior to beginning the work, I ask 50% of payment from the collector so that I can know the collector is serious.
3) I start working and I send images showing the work in-progress, which the collector reviews and approves.
4) Once the work has been completed, the collector approves the final image.
5) Then I ask the final payment, plus the cost of shipping from the collector. I take a lot of care wrapping properly the artwork, so that it travels safely to the address of the collector. If the collector is Barcelona or passes by here, we meet personally to give it by hand.
I have worked on many commissions, and it’s a great way to enable collectors and interior designers to acquire works they love. With good communication on all sides the process is smooth and beneficial for both, the collector and myself.

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