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Chelsea Davine


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Chelsea Davine's photographs have often played second fiddle to her painting. However the body of work she has built up from her travels and eye for sculptural elements prove that they are much more than visual sketches for her work. Her focus on composing a balanced image through the view finder without staging, using natural light, trying to capture a candid moment, detail or sculptural form, resisting the temptation to photoshop, speak from a age where if you had just one amazing image on a roll of film out of 5 you considered yourself very lucky.

However with the democratisation of digital photography anyone with a creative eye can capture these instances in a totally new and original way. The way we see things, record and document the lives around us means we can all believe in our creativity and call ourselves photographers and why not? Chelsea is often approached in her studio by other photographers to view their work in a slightly apologetic way and is astounded by the hidden talent she comes across.

As co-founder of the shed photography she passionately believes many people have wonderful images stored away on their hard drives, collecting metaphorical dust that should see the light of day and be released. Digital photography allows us to see the world through so many different eyes, in so many different ways.

Yet who doesn't miss cramming into a photobooth with a bunch of friends, a 50p coin and waiting till the sticky strip of images processed themselves?
Or the thrill of collecting a set of prints or contact sheet (having forgotten your slips of paper) and rifling through them, thrilled to get a great image and then desperate to blow it up or process it in the dark room or share it with someone. Now as soon as the image is taken we rush to see it on the screen. Hopefully from the shed we can all recapture that thrill and give a print to a loved one or hang an original photograph on our walls once again.



Commission types accepted

  • Photography
  • Paintings
  • Design
  • Sculpture

Commission days available


Commission price range

Prices from £20.00 to £3.00.

Private Commissions

Red Mist
From Gold to Green
Private Commission
Private Commission
Private Commission
Private Commission
Private Commission
Private Commission
Winter Fire
Private Commission

I am happy to undertake both painting, sculpture, furntiure and interior design commissions. I have sent paintings all over Europe. Please contact me for a specific quote and initial consultation.

Guideline Prices:

Weddings - £300-£800

Sculpture - £1000-£2000

Photography - £20-£100

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