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Daryl Peter Hutchinson - Special Skye


This image is of a quite special place that will live long in the memory. It is where I first saw a wild otter. A pair were seen swimming in the Loch as, across hidden near the opposite shoreline, a young otter kept calling for its parents. In addition to that, on the walk to the Loch, the group of us had also spotted a sea eagle, another first for me. A truly memorable day! Loch Cuithir, Isle of Skye

Special Skye by Daryl Peter Hutchinson

Dimensions: x cm ?
Price: £

Maximum dimensions: 211 x 140cm (2.95m2)

State of the art printing on to aluminium Dibond material which is scratch proof, weather proof and children proof. You can hang these pictures anywhere and they will withstand the conditions.

A high performance 3mm thick aluminium composite material consisting of two sheets of 0.3mm thick aluminium permanently bonded to each side of an extruded polyethylene core.


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