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Jan Bird


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  • Posted on Wed 31st August 2016 by Jan Bird

    We do follow each other on Twitter!
  • Posted on Wed 31st August 2016 by Jan Bird

    Hi Chelsea great to be here! I'm not sure - will check and let you know.
  • Posted on Wed 31st August 2016 by Chelsea Davine

    Hi Jan, great to have you onboard! Do we follow you on your social media? If not then let me know.

I'm Derbyshire based and love to photograph the scenery around my home on the edge of the Peak District and the local wildlife, particularly birds and butterflies.  I've travelled a lot both in Europe and in Australia/New Zealand and Canada, and have a long bucket list (including Iceland and Sweden) for future photo trips.  I'm fairly new to professional photography - it was a hobby for years, as it was for my dad, and only developed into a business when a friend said "your photos are lovely, you should sell them"!

I took her advice and now sell cards of some of my photographs. You can find me in the following places:

on Twitter @AnelisaCards

Facebook - Anelisa Photography


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