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Janine Williams


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  • Posted on Fri 5th October 2018 by Glenn Phillips

    Lovely to see your work. Hopefully many more to come.

With my camera I try to capture that moment when I simply feel 'wow' and then it is there, captured in time, to be shared.

Living in north Dorset, I am lucky to be able to spend much of my spare time wandering round the local hills and vales or venturing down to the coast.  I am always searching for that 'wow' moment which for me can be the sweeping landscape, the mist in the hills, the majestic trees, the crashing waves or as simple as the frost on a leaf.  Away from the more obvious attractions in Dorset there are still many rarely trodden overgrown paths that lead to hidden worlds of fungi, delicate orchids, thistles and wildflowers.  Little pockets of magic where perhaps fairies really do exist. 

Dorset is such a beautiful county full of the wonders of nature.  I am also only a stone's throw away from the surrounding counties giving me plenty of locations to visit.


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