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Jeremy Clarke


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  • Posted on Thu 19th April 2018 by Chelsea Davine

    Hi Jeremy, I hope your trip away was amazing I'm dying to see the results and would love to do a special feature on it.
  • Posted on Wed 14th February 2018 by Jeremy Clarke

    Hi Chelsea, I am on Twitter via my business @BelvoirCchurch and also under my own name on Facebook. I am off to Chernobyl with the camera on Saturday for a weeks' photography so hopefully some good shots will come from that!
  • Posted on Wed 14th February 2018 by Chelsea Davine

    Hi Jeremy I see you've worked it out, are you on social media, its just to make sure if you are we follow you back and mention you when talking about your work. If you have an interesting story or trip or new collection then drop me an email and I can post it as news.
  • Posted on Tue 13th February 2018 by Jeremy Clarke

    Can you tell me how to do so? Will that make the pictures visible as a category on the side search menu?
  • Posted on Tue 13th February 2018 by Chelsea Davine

    Hi Jeremy, lovely to have your work in the gallery. Your first portfolio made me smile this morning! Remember you need to 'tag' each image so it appears in the gallery in the correct categories so when someone is searching an image it appears. You can also upload multiple portfolios Chelsea

Hi, I'm based in Christchurch where I run my own business, a letting agency.

Took up photography again 4 years ago after c30 years without taking any serious photos and now enjoy snapping at anything that moves (or doesn't)


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