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John Trueman


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  • Posted on Tue 30th October 2018 by Chelsea Davine

    Hi John, me again. A couple of your portfolios are a very big can you separate them into smaller ones?
  • Posted on Tue 30th October 2018 by Chelsea Davine

  • Posted on Tue 23rd October 2018 by John Trueman

    Thanks Chelsea for letting me know I will update the collections when I get a chance I am away from my laptop this week.
  • Posted on Mon 22nd October 2018 by Chelsea Davine

    Hi John, Thank you for showing your work with us. Can I suggest that you separate your portfolios into separate categories. Each one scrolls 15 images and is easier to reference. Also I've noticed many of your images have the same name which is difficult to differentiate when a client asks for a particular image. Simply add a letter or number or date if you can't think of another name!

Hello, I'm a Photographer Based in Scotland and specialise in Seascape, Landscape and Wildlife Photography and all things Nature.

My objective is to promote Scotland, Moray, Speyside and Highland which I will include Land, Sea and Sky images throughout all seasons across Northern Scotland.

Incorporated into my photography will be Colours in Nature, Pattens, Leading Lines, Symmetry and Wide Open Landscapes using Long Exposure Photography, Telephoto lenses, Macro Photography and Prime Lenses.                        Incorportaed into my photography will be Astrophotography and Aurora Borealis Photography taken right here in Scotland in the winter months.

All my photography is direclty photographed in raw format and lightly edited in Adobe Lightroom using fujifilm X series Cameras and Fujinon XF/XC lenses.

Scotland has some of the most amazing scenery in the world and I am able to capture this as I have an abundance Coast and Countryside to explore.I travel all over Northern Scotland from Aberdeenshire, Banff and Buchan, Moray, Speyside, and Highland Scotland, Ross and Cromarty, Caithness and Skye.                                      

Lots of hardwork goes into creating and planning my photography, If you would like to use my photography in a commercial or editorial project please contact me direclty to discuss a price.                         

Thank You for visiting my portfolio, If you have any questions please do not hesiate to contact me I am happy to assist.


Twitter - @jtpsco

Instagram - @jtpsco





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