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Kym Cox


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  • Posted on Mon 28th May 2018 by Chelsea Davine

    Hi Kym Great to have your work in the gallery. Can you make sure you go into each image and 'tag' it so it appears in the correct category in the gallery.

I only work with bubbles.  Eh? you're probably thinking.  Well, there are centuries of traditional art symbolism associated with bubbles and bubbles are a vital tool of research within the scientific community - across all areas.  So, I have plenty to inspire and inform my work and this opens up mass possibilities for exploration.  It always keeps me buzzin'.

BA Hons Photography (First Class) from AUB.  Associate member of the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS).  Affiliate of the Institute of Physics.

I'm currently collaborating with Prof. Stefan Hutzler, Foams & Complex Systems Group, Trinity College Dublin.  We combine art and science to come up with new works for art and science.

I am a former Fingerprint Expert who obviously has a penchant for working with small-scale subjects.  (currently under a re-design 28/05/18)


Commission types accepted

  • Photography

Commission days available


Commission price range

Prices from £150.00 to £1500.00.

To ensure my imagery is unique in the domain of visual representation I develop innovative photographic practices and design, create and work from a range of rigs and sets in my studio.

The colours and patterns bubbles show are strikingly beautiful, mesmerising to watch in the studio but tricky critters to photograph because they will burst and are extremely receptive to light and atmospheric pressure.  Bubbles are always on the move. 

Bubbles are made of liquid that constantly drains under gravity.  This affects which sequence of light interference colours and patterns appear during the bubble's existence.  Colours and patterns come and go in a second.  Therefore, it can take quite some time to achieve the photographic composition a client wants.

I formulate bubble solutions according to what, where, how I want to photograph.  Sometimes a solution can take months to reach an ideal working consistency. 

But... the physical properties and pecularities each and every bubble displays means each and every photograph I take is completely different and unique.  In that respect, bubbles are like fingerprint.

Commissions are an important and enjoyable part of my work.  Clients are drawn to certain aspects and traits of exisitng photographs, they want me to concentrate and expand on these.  This frequently leads me to look at bubbles in a new way.  A mutual benefit that is inspiring and stimulating for both of us, but particularly exciting for me!

I very much look forward to hearing from you and seeing what we can come up with.

Ciao for now,


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