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Kym Cox - Bliss II


Colour macro photograph showing light interference colours and patterns in a flowing soap film. Light interference colours are made visible by positioning a soap film in front of a dark background and directing white light onto its surface. The film is a membrane comprising two layers of soap molecules encasing a central layer of water. The density and layer boundaries interfere with the direction of light travelling through the film, resulting in light refraction and diffraction taking place. The film drains under gravity but is susceptible to minute changes in air pressure causing the liquid to move in all directions. As a result, thickness varies across the film, indicated by each colour hue. Glass prisms refract and diffract white light into colour strata whereas soap films produce moving patterns. Light interference colours and patterns are important in understanding fluid dynamics. The ability to observe and measure film thickness gives researchers information which can then be applied to other liquids.

Bliss II by Kym Cox

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Maximum dimensions: 23 x 34cm (0.08m2)

State of the art printing on to aluminium Dibond material which is scratch proof, weather proof and children proof. You can hang these pictures anywhere and they will withstand the conditions.

A high performance 3mm thick aluminium composite material consisting of two sheets of 0.3mm thick aluminium permanently bonded to each side of an extruded polyethylene core.


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