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Kym Cox - Goldberg-0 no.24


This colour photograph was recently awarded 'Runner-up' in the 'Close-up Photographer of the Year 2019' (Cupoty 2019), in the 'Man-made' category. It shows bubbles in a glass tube. Colour photograph showing equally-sized bubbles confined to a glass cylindrical tube 8mm in diameter. Bubbles enter the tube from below, each new addition pushes those inside upwards whereby they shuffle and shift to optimise available space, referred to as 'packing'. New bubbles are round with thick, liquid walls. The liquid drains under gravity causing crystallisation into straight-sided polyhedra. Occasionally, though not always despite conditions remaining constant, bubbles will self-organise into a regular structure. Here, an internal column of single bubbles - appearing as moustachioed faces is encased by outer layers; the eyes are a physical attribute of bubbles' draining process. However, the nose and moustache are shadows from the retort stand clamp knob! Ordered cylindrical structures are useful tools for research for the sciences of packing - how things fit together from nanotechnology, molecular and biological sciences and manufacturing processes. Soap bubbles are significant subjects for scientific research because of their unique relationship with minimal surfaces, they always want to achieve an optimal order and a state of equilibrium by limiting their surface area whilst using the least amount of energy. Groups of bubbles obey Plateau’s laws, a set of geometric rules relating to their appearance and structure.

Goldberg-0 no.24 by Kym Cox

Dimensions: x cm ?
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Maximum dimensions: 23 x 34cm (0.08m2)

State of the art printing on to aluminium Dibond material which is scratch proof, weather proof and children proof. You can hang these pictures anywhere and they will withstand the conditions.

A high performance 3mm thick aluminium composite material consisting of two sheets of 0.3mm thick aluminium permanently bonded to each side of an extruded polyethylene core.


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