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Margaret Preuss-Higham


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  • Posted on Tue 10th September 2019 by Chelsea Davine

    Hi Margaret, I tried to reply to your email but it pinged back. If you could let me know via the same email which images you want to delete I can do that for you. To move them go into each image and click on which portfolio you want it to be put into. Kind Regards Chelsea
  • Posted on Mon 2nd May 2016 by Margaret Preuss-Higham

    I've liked Sea #1 by Astrid McGechan.


I really believe there are things nobody would see 

if I didn’t photograph them.”
— Diane Arbus

This wonderful quote is the inspiration behind Margaret Higham’s Photography. Margaret’s photographs exhibited here are the result of many hours work; firstly, finding the location, taking numerous photos to get the ‘one’ and then time spent bringing them to life.Born in Dorset and still living in this beautiful county, Margaret is continuously inspired by the landscape with its ever-changing light, texture due seasons of the year. She challenges herself to look for something different, wandering down Dorset alleyways looking for that ‘picture’.

Margaret also enjoys processing her work to take it to a different place, away from the ‘traditional’, allowing the photograph to lead her to experiment with different styles – some work and some don’t.

Many of Margaret’s pictures are taken with the intention that the viewer will ask a question; for example, ‘No junk mail’ - when did the door last receive a coat of paint, how many letters have gone through the letter box, what is behind the door?


A photo of wooden shutters, why, well why not.They are made by human hands, used by man and photographed by Margaret - what a story not just a photograph.


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