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Ester M.D. photography


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  • Posted on Thu 19th April 2018 by Chelsea Davine

    Hi Ester, don't forget to go into each image and tag it so it appears in the gallery in the correct category
    • Posted on Sun 22nd April 2018 by Ester M.D. photography

      Hi Chelsea, thanks all done.
  • Posted on Fri 8th December 2017 by Chelsea Davine

    Hi Ester, to complete your profile you need to add a profile photo and make one of your collections 'current' don't forget to also go into each image and tag it so it appears in the appropiate place in the gallery

I have always loved photography and took my camera every time I went on trip or just take what catches my eye. But I have only taken this seriously over the last 2 years.
I enjoy looking at beautiful sceneries, it makes me feel relaxed, at peace and has somehow soothing effect on my soul. And I think it works as well for others too. I guess it's because the eyes are truly the windows of the soul. I love to take sunsets, landscapes, seascapes, animals, birds and sometimes the moon, night sky. I think photography is about capturing that great wow moment that usually doesn't last for very long, like sunset or sunrise and the beautiful splash of colors that happens during it. My love for photography can be traced back to my childhood when I spent some time helping my father develop monochrome images in the darkroom.
I hope you enjoy my images and you can see more of them on my website:  (still working on it) or you can find me on twitter-estermd1, facebook-https:/, Instagram-estermdphoto.
See the natural world through my eyes and my lens.


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