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Paul Newman


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  • Posted on Mon 9th January 2017 by Chelsea Davine

    Hi Paul, just looking through your portfolios and seen that your current collection is very large and therefore unable to scroll through all the images easily. I think it would be good to split it into a couple of separate folders
  • Posted on Fri 8th January 2016 by Chelsea Davine

    Hi Paul, You have to make your profile active to appear by tagging your images and making one portfolio you' Current Collection. If you have any questions let me know!
    • Posted on Sun 17th January 2016 by Paul Newman

      Hi Chelsea, I have now made a Current Collection. By tagging, do you mean adding key words? If not, please could you explain. Many thanks, Paul.

I'm new to all this! I've always enjoyed photography but it wasn't until recently that I resolved to take things more seriously and so bought a DSLR and a couple of lenses.

Landscapes and the great outdoors are my particular interest but I'm keen to expand my skills so will have a go at anything.

I'm local to East Devon and am currently living and working in northern Italy; there's plenty of scope with my favourite subject matter here. 

I believe that a good image is born in the camera and should be the result of the photographer's skill in his craft.  That said, I do enjoy experimenting in Lightroom and Photoshop to try to get the best from an image.

I would greatly appreciate all constructive comments on my work here in the shed so please don't hold back - I won't be offended.  For me, it's upwards and onwards!


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