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Robin Shaw


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  • Posted on Thu 7th November 2019 by Chelsea Davine

    Hi Robin, The new collection is lovely and I'm going to promote it as our Artist of the Week. can you please go into each image and tag them so they appear in the correct category in the search function.
  • Posted on Tue 6th December 2016 by Robin Shaw

    I've liked Shimmering Sentinels by Phil Buckle.


Name: Rob Shaw (Male)

Conservation status: Least Concern, but mildly vexed if challenged.

Description: I hope i have the required skills to put myself in the right place at the right time, though my most satisfying shots are frequently down to luck, or the result of a fortuitous stumble around in the elements.

Status: Born in the Black Country, grew up and went to school in the Isles of Purbeck, returned to the beloved Black Country.

Habitat: Climbing outdoors/indoors at least once a week, can be found most weekends out on the mountains tucked away out the wind awaiting the perfect sunsets, (occasionally nocturnal and likely to be seen off the normal pedestrian routes)

Behaviour: Omnivore, mostly harmless, heavy rain and storm force winds occasionally known to dampen enthusiasm.

History: Why i love landscapes and the mountains…My first introduction to mountains proper was a memorable school field trip to North Wales. Good fun, and as far as i can recall and nobody died. After that i was hooked, with a few friends i knocked off most of the 3k and 2k peaks in Wales, Lakes and a few in Scotland, then bumbled up the usual rites of passage for budding rock climbers, the Idwal Slabs, and Tryfan’s Grooved Arete, & FPR etc. Several hairy escapes later I joined the MTA (Mountain Training Association) and decided to gain some professional outdoor qualifications. As for photography, most who are drawn to the mountains are awoken by the illustrated books of Alfred Wainwright, my inspriation was sparked the photographs of W. A. Poucher and Ansel Adams.

References: I hold the Summer Mountain Leader certificate and the Single Pitch rock climbing award. I’m also an aspirant member of the BAIML (British Association of International Mountain Leaders)

I run climbing sessions at a local indoor wall and lead groups into the more remote mountainous areas of the UK.

Work published so far….. My photos have featured in a number of well known outdoor magazines, professional outdoor journals, & Adventure Company brochures.

I have previously been shortlisted for the Nikon sponsored UK Mountain Photo of the Year as featured in ‘Trail Magazine’ …mmm must try harder.

I’ve had the good fortune to trek and travel in some of the most extreme locations. Patagonia, Nepal, Ladakh, Africa, Ecuador, Peru, New Zealand, Scandinavia etc, In these places you could argue that it’s hard to take a bad picture.

Commissions: For professional and keen amateur photographers looking for the opportunity to expand their portfolios,  I offer my services as a mountain guide to individuals or clubs. An opportunity capture the wilder area’s of the UK. I’m also happy to take pics for large amounts of cash.

End bit: The American Mountaineer Alex Lowe said… “The best climber in the world is the one having the most fun!” I only hope some of ‘that type’ of fun and passion is evident in my snaps, and the kick I get, from shooting in the mountains.

I’ve just started using ‘The Shed Gallery’ as a web platform for my work, the production medium I believe is ideal for my style. I’m slowly adding locations/galleries to the site, Hope you like my pictures. 


Contact Mob 0781 2673743


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