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Rui Santos Costa


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  • Posted on Tue 22nd September 2015 by Chelsea Davine

    Hi Rui, great to have your work on board. You can upload as many portfolios as you would like and sub divide them. It is also useful for the buying public to tag each image with key words and also add a small description.

I’m a photographer specializing in truthful images to inspire feelings. I have spent countless hours, days and years reflecting on defining my style of photography. More important than style is to be aware of your surroundings. “Capturing the truth of life”, I guess you can say is my style, but what I enjoy the most is capturing what I feel. It builds on context that can be inspired by the viewers personal connection with the photograph. External or Internal context is the basis of what I feel is so important to connecting to a photograph, it can be your personal connection, the social nature of the photograph or the historic, either connection allows the viewer to connect with what I’m trying to portray.


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