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  • Posted on Mon 30th January 2017 by Chelsea Davine

    Hi Sam have you tried to upload your images again?

I entered the world of photography when I was 10 years old, encouraged by my parents,I received my first SLR at the age of 12. Being brought up in the traditional world of emulsion (FILM) and even remember developing my own films and prints in the Darkroom. After a few years break from the art I re entered the photography world in 2010. Previously having a passion for Wildlife,Sports photography I decided to enter the world of Landscape  after my friend of mine, Andy Farrer, invited me along on a hike to Mupe bay one day in 2011 along with Mark and Anthony two other well know Dorset Pro Landscape greats..Being in the presence of these three  giants in the photography landscape world and seeing this breathtaking sunrise over the trully amazing Mupe bay inspired me to continue in this subject matter. I do love to photograph people and have done some outdoor location family shoots (more natural than the sterile American white studio ones) I do enjoy various subject matters though my main passion is for Land/sea/star scapes including structures/buildings in some cases. Yes I have done weddings, and while these went very well, I am unable to commit to dates that far ahead and cannot absolutely g'tee reserving the day in question due to personal family health commitments. This however may change in the future. 

When photographing people I always try at events to go for the natural shots,candid,journalistic. While at the same time enjoy the directing of someone in costume,period costume in particular at places and backgrounds that fit such appearances .

I have never studied photography at Uni or collage, most of what I have is from being in the photography equipment trade in the past and absorbing the art by doing the art.  

After Christmas I may be taking on more commissions, but due to some busy months ahead I have not activated this link (at this time) on the Shed Gallery. 

For more you can visit my Facebook page and are welcome to contact me.


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