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Sam Rose


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  • Posted on Fri 6th November 2015 by

    Thanks for the kind words John and Martin!
  • Posted on Thu 5th November 2015 by

    Thanks for the kind words John and Martin!
  • Posted on Thu 5th November 2015 by

    Thanks for the kind words John and Martin!
  • Posted on Mon 2nd November 2015 by Sam Rose

    Thanks for the kind words John and Martin!
  • Posted on Wed 7th October 2015 by

    Some lovely work here, Sam.
  • Posted on Wed 2nd September 2015 by Martin Dolan

    Great to meet you yesterday Sam. Your work is very impressive! Thanks for taking the time to chat :-)

I hope you like these photos. My family does, which means a lot to me.  

When I get round to it I will tell you more about me, and what drives my photography, but in a simple sentence I try to see the landscape, as opposed to just photograph it, and then recreate what I have seen with the camera.

Some of my photos might seem a bit traditional (whatever that means), but I think that they are all beautiful.  I love rich, deep and stong colours... I also love contrasty black and white images that show off the landscape.  I love bringing the sun into images, and unashamedly love sunsets (especally as they don't involve getting up at 5 in the morning).

Please enjoy, and even if you don't buy, please let me know which ones you do like, and why.. or why you don't like somethings.  Oh and I don't use photoshop.. what you see is what I saw!

Thank you for watching (!), Sam


Commission types accepted

  • Photography
  • Wedding Photography

Commission days available


Current collection - Jan 18

Moonlight at the bay
Moonlit East Cliff
Slow tide at West Bay 1
Slow tide at West Bay 2
Morning at East Cliff
Harsh sun, calm sea
Sunset over Lyme Bay
Red cliff
Durdle Door dawn
Orange dawn #1
Bridport Mist #2
Sunrise #3

I would be delighted to take commissions for landscape, portrait, dog-trait or anything that you like. I am not a specialist building photographer, and I don't have studio lighting, but for portraits I tend to find that daylight generally does well enough with the off bit of fill-in flash. 

I am new to this game, so if you don't like, you don't pay!  As for days, weekends best (I work full time in the real world), but any day is possible.

I have also done a few weddings, and might be up for one or two more...



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