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Tim Firkins - Swan at Hatchet Pond


Whilst stood on the edge of the water at Hatchet Pond in the New Forest, preparing to capture some long exposure shots of the setting sun, I noticed this swan heading into shot from the right. After frantically adjusting camera settings to make sure I could freeze the swan in the frame, I managed to get the timing just right and was able to capture the silhouette of the swan's reflection in the water.

Swan at Hatchet Pond by Tim Firkins

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Maximum dimensions: 207 x 138cm (2.86m2)

State of the art printing on to aluminium Dibond material which is scratch proof, weather proof and children proof. You can hang these pictures anywhere and they will withstand the conditions.

A high performance 3mm thick aluminium composite material consisting of two sheets of 0.3mm thick aluminium permanently bonded to each side of an extruded polyethylene core.


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