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Welcome to the Shed Gallery - About Us

 Welcome to the Shed!

Most people have a shed at the bottom of their garden. For Chelsea that was exactly where she painted and planned for her exhibitions. The slightly derelict, dusty storeroom used for Dad’s old maps and Mum’s pots became a place of refuge, a personal space to escape to and be creative in and then a hub of activity before an art fair or exhibition.

Talking to other artists and photographers in the thriving art community in Lyme Regis she realized there were many people using their sheds or spare room as dark rooms, to paint in, draw, print, sculpt, write or just simply sit in for a quiet moment of reflection away from the chaos of everyday life.  

Whilst working in the Shed Chelsea spent time talking to other artists and found they were unsure about how to get their work out into the larger world or even where to start. That many of them encountered the same problems that Chelsea faced at some point in their career of logistics, finding clients, being professional, struggling with financial and time restrictions, Marketing, over stocking of work, finding exhibition space, getting to grips with websites and still having time to create.

Talking these issues over with her friend Ben, who printed her photography, they came to the conclusion that by combining their skills they had the ability to help other artists and photographers and solve many of their immediate concerns. They decided to create the Shed Gallery, an on-line community providing support and the Shed Photography a sister website providing an e-commerce, dedicated shop to sell their work.

So how are we different from other online image banks and websites?

Firstly, you the artist or photographer create your own profile by uploading portfolios of images. We have designed your profile to be a simple and easy way to showcase your artwork. By creating an on-line community of artists and photographers we can discuss and get to know other like-minded people by creating a network. Support and encouragement are vital for creative people as our work can be solitary. Being part of the community helps us all reach other markets and potential clients for our work and moving forward and collaborating with each other.

With this in mind artwork needs and thrives when it is given the oxygen of being seen in public. Unlike other websites we also hold group exhibitions and show our exhibitors work throughout the year. Seeing their work on the wall in a show is enormously encouraging and for some of our community is the first time they’ve ever shown their work in public. It also helps the public see they can live with and also, afford, photography and original artwork.

Our website acts as an online image bank and printing service. To avoid holding too many images in stock when a photograph is bought online through the site we then print it, mount it on aluminium, pack it and send it to the customer. Some examples of images printed onto Aluminium are below:


Once depatched we then pay our photographer or artist their commission. They can feel comfortable knowing that the headache of printing and sending the work has been done by us. Please see our FAQs for more details about commission percentage. There is also a separate commissions page where a client can get in touch directly with the photographer.

The Shed Gallery provides a community forum and Blog that is dedicated to talking about things that interest us - photography, exhibitions, art fairs and provide inspiration and support. We are open to comments and questions from non-members, just open a Users account. You can leave comments on the photographer’s profiles and as an exhibitor you can see your own statistics seeing how many visits you have had to your profile and which of your images are the most popular as well as ‘friending’ other members of the community. We promote an artist every week and use Twitter and Facebook to continue to publicize our community and expand our network as far as possible.

We are available to talk about your work and help you with your profile, we can print your work for you for an exhibition and we remain dedicated to helping and supporting our ever-expanding network of creative people. We believe our website provides the solution to many issues creative people face and hopefully as we grow our artists careers will grow with us.

Ben and Chelsea


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