The Shed is an online platform for Photographers and Artists
We work in partnership with you to help you sell your work
We provide an in-house printing service for all orders
You control your profile pages of an affordable e-commerce website
Our growing community provides support and feedback

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What can the Shed do for me?



How do I edit my profile once I've signed up? Is it easy?



How do I use the Collections to categorise and exhibit my work?



Can Anyone Join?

Anyone who is creative minded and who has a passion and love for art and photography, and who complies with our terms of service can join. 


What if I have never sold anything?

We all have to start somewhere.


I'm not talented enough?

Really? Or have your friends and family always said "you should do something with those images" Get them off the hard drive, stick them on the website and see! Don't underestimate your talent - we will always try and match you with a suitable client, who is looking for what you have. 


I don't know how to scale my images?

Don't worry, our website does it for you!! 

The way the site works is that the high resolution image is uploaded which is then saved on the server.  This image is resampled by our software and the Shed Gallery watermark automatically added to protect it. It then displays in the Shed Gallery online.  When an order comes through, we download the high res image from the server to print from - this file is never made available to the public.


How many images can I have?

You can have 15 fifteen images on your wall which will be featured in the online gallery. However, you can create as many portfolios as you wish!


What resolution do the images need to be?

Whatever the largest format you have, our software will work out the sizes in which the image is available.

Please upload Jpeg files to the website, upload these without altering the DPI or the image dimensions of the original image as the website uses this information to calculate the sizes in which the image can then be printed and ordered. This ensures no degradation in quality of the output.


How big can you print?

Any size is possible, but it all depends on the quality of the image to begin with.


Are the sizes you sell standard?

Because of the nature of the Aluminium product, we can produce artwork in any size you like!


Is it a one off payment?

It is a monthly subscription of £4.99 that includes the marketing, SEO, publicity, maintenance of the site, printing, mounting for exhibitions, shipping and collecting payment of your work. Cool huh?


Can I have 2 profiles?

One profile is all you need.  You just need to add collections (see above).


What is my commission percentage?

We pay you 25% of the value of whatever print work you sell!! You avoid all the hassle!!


When will I get paid?

At the end of each month. Yay!


What is the material you print on?

Aluminium and Photo paper.


Why are you using this?

Sometimes you find something so genius and you wonder why everyone doesn't do it! Well, when one of our founding artists needed a light-weight, affordable, frameless and above all elegant way of exhibiting prints - this was by far the best solution. Wood is too heavy to send, foam too fragile, framed prints although beautiful, are often too expensive.

Dull garden wall in a shady North facing spot? Hang an original piece of artwork, to any size and let it fill your garden with colour and light. Need something for a children's playroom that's virtually indestructible? Why not have a fun image, printed to any size, then if you move take it with you! Reclaim your your empty walls, awkward spaces and even bathrooms. Be bold, have a rummage in the shed and find something that makes you smile.

If it's good enough for David Hockney and Gerhard Richter it's good enough for us.


Is it that simple?!

Yes. We provide a complete service of showing your work, marketing it, printing it, shipping it, and collecting payment. All you have to do is sit back, relax, upload your photos and enjoy your time spent in the shed. 


How do I sell more?


Add new or refresh your work a couple of times a month. We often get emails from clients saying 'does so and so have more work'?


We receive and sell follow up work from exhibitions months later so keep jogging your viewing publics memory and remind them how fabulous your work looks on their/your wall. 


Move portfolios around and keeping them to 15 images each one. This is the maximum that can be scrolled through in any one portfolio. It also looks more interesting to sub divide work and helps us to identify individual images when it comes to a sale.


Each image MUST be tagged to appear in the gallery and on the Homepage once uploaded. Go into each image and choose the key words that apply, you can add as many as you like.


Each image needs a unique title and a good description, even if it seems obvious to you where it is or the thought behind the image or technique it may not be to the buying public. 


EVERY time you upload an image onto social media add a 'Call to action' ie BUY ME! Add the link back to your profile and be bold about telling people where they can buy it, if they LIKE it then persuade them to click through the link to BUY IT. 


Please follow and friend your fellow Shed creatives, engage in their work and they, I am sure will do likewise. We are about creating a community and support network of like minded people to help promote and encourage creativity.




Print My Pictures

Upload your own images to us and we will print them as fantastically versatile aluminium prints!

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