The Shed is an online platform for Photographers and Artists
We work in partnership with you to help you sell your work
We provide an in-house printing service for all orders
You control your profile pages of an affordable e-commerce website
Our growing community provides support and feedback

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What is the Wall?

The Wall is where you can showcase your 15 key images, and acts as your home page for your profile. You can leave a comment on your own wall and work, and other users can also comment, or comment on your comments in the form of a conversation. People visiting the site can scroll through these fifteen images and click on them if they wish to make a purchase, either as an aluminum print, printed by the shed, or if it is an original piece there is an option to contact you via the website.


Print My Pictures

Upload your own images to us and we will print them as fantastically versatile aluminium prints!

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